“Your form is pretty like Yelich’s… ” LG 175cm outfielders, Gal-ryang Yeom and Ho-joon Lee ‘listened and put’ 

 “Yelichine Yelich.”

LG outfielder Moon Seong-joo is 175 cm tall and weighs 78 kg, according to his profile on the KBO website. He appeared like a comet in the 2022 season and made a big success with a batting average of 0.303, 6 home runs, 41 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.823 in 106 games. At one time, he even made the existing strong players nervous as the ‘out-of-the-field hitting king’.

Such Moon Seong-ju ‘exploded’ in September. He put his head down as his batting average was only 0.132. Even in the playoffs against Kiwoom, he was 2-for-8 with a batting average of 0.250. In a word, it was yongdusami. On the 6th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), hitting coach Lee Ho-joon of LG said, “Sung-joo is cute when he smiles, but his smile has disappeared” while instructing Moon Seong-joo in hitting training at the San Francisco Giants Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Moon Seong-joo had a lot of worries from that time on. He concluded that a change in his direction would be necessary if he was to establish himself in LG’s national team-level outfield. As a result, he decided to change his backswing to a big hitting style, and even did personal training in the off-season. He calculated that he would have to be equipped with a long hit to somehow appeal.

However, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop and coach Lee Ho-joon are against it. On the 6th, the two leaders watched Moon Seong-joo’s special blow and explained why Moon Seong-ju’s thoughts were wrong. Director Yeom said, “You can never hit a home run just by straining your body. A home run is a battle of timing.” He said he has to pull his hitting point forward, which is easier said than done, and fixing his form isn’t the point.

Coach Yeom and Coach Lee talked a lot about Sung-Joo Moon. Coach Yeom said, “Coach Lee and coach Mo Chang-min were very worried because you메이저사이트 (Sung-joo Moon) said strange things.” In the end, Moon Seong-joo reached an agreement with coach Lee to maintain his original swing trajectory, but only change his arm height to a level that was comfortable for him.

Of course, Coach Lee laughed and said, “If you still think it’s right to change his form, come to my room. Then, while drinking a glass of beer, we fight with ‘Is it you or me?’” he said. Coach Lee said that ultimately, if Sung-Joo Moon swings fast with a compact swing like he is now, he will hit a home run. In fact, he even praised him for hitting an ideal home run in the Changwon game against NC last year.

also. Coach Yeom diagnosed September’s sluggishness as a physical problem, and suggested his original hitting mechanism and how to press his shoulder to lift the ball while maintaining the swing trajectory. When Moon Seong-joo hit back to his original form, “Yelich yes Yelich. The form is pretty,” he said. Christian Ellich (Milwaukee Brewers) is also a style that creates home runs through a compact and quick center shift rather than a big hit.

Moon Seong-joo also changed direction for a while with a long hit, but he confessed that he was not 100% sure. Rather, it was decided to bet on average and on-base percentage as usual through special batting training and conversations with the two leaders on this day. He said instead, “I’ll hit the three-for-three.” It is a resolution to increase accuracy and competitiveness in the LG outfield.

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