Why did Hong Sang-min of Yonsei University say freshmen are better than Korea University?

[Jump Ball = Reporter Lee Jae-beom] “If there are many overlapping positions at Korea University, the first place gathered at the positions we chose from number 1 (point guard) to number 5 (center).”

Kang Ji-hoon (202cm, C), Lee Joo-young (189cm, F), Lee Chae-young (187cm, G), Lee Hae-sol (191cm, F), and Hong Sang-min (201cm, F/C) were added to Yonsei University’s selection of satisfactory freshmen. Of course, it is both a great gift and a burden for coach Ho-jin Yun, who took the baton at Yonsei University following coach Eun Hee-seok.메이저놀이터

Hong Sang-min, one of the five freshmen, said, “As soon as I entered college, all five (freshmen) had to run, so I tried to learn the transitions and patterns, and I played practice games right away and went to field training while trying to get used to it.” told me how to prepare

Yonsei University has been training in the US for the first time in a long time.

Hong Sang-min said, “It was unimaginable when I was in high school. Even if he goes to field training, he does not go to the United States, the home of basketball. He was more nervous than excited at first. He has to exercise a lot in a foreign country, and he doesn’t know what will happen. Also, when you collide with players, you will feel the limit of your height, and because you have good strength, you can feel the limit of your strength. I was more nervous than I expected to learn,” he said. If you get hit by one, you should have been prepared to hit two, but I felt it more with my head than my body during the training camp in the US. He realized what to do with his mind or actions,” he said.

At Yonsei University, Hong Sang-min, who has to play basketball that is different from the play he played at Kyungbok High School, said, “It’s basketball 180 degrees different from high school, so it would be a lie if I said I adapted 100% before entering the season, and I adapted about half of it.” Even if you run for 10 or 15 minutes while inhaling, you have to play accordingly. He is trying to adapt to a certain extent and become a suitable player for the team.”

When asked what role he should play at Yonsei University, Hong Sang-min said, “I have good strength and a big body since high school, but my strength is that I run well, so the coach wants that too.” You have to put a screen on it. Since I’m a freshman, I have to do things like dirty work, screens, rubbing under the goal, and pop-out passes to the shooter rather than being greedy for scoring.”

There is a difference between what Hong Sang-min described as the play to be played at Yonsei University and the basketball shown at Kyungbok High School.

Hong Sang-min said, “I think the play is a step rather than a change. The stage I scored was in the third grade (high school). In my freshman year of high school, I worked harder on rebounding than scoring and threw passes,” he said. . I think it’s a stage rather than a change in play, and I’m playing a game that fits the first grade stage.”

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