When will the ‘Bomde’ effect… Lotte in need of a rebound, ‘4 consecutive wins’ LG and 3 consecutive resignations.

he Lotte Giants, which have strengthened their power by recruiting three outside free agents (FA), are showing results that do not meet expectations. The cheering song ‘Busan Seagull’ resonated at Sajik Stadium in Busan for the first time in five years, but it did not awaken the Lotte players.

Lotte is in 8th place out of 10 teams with 2 wins and 4 losses in 6 games since the opening.

Of course, it is still early in the season,메이저사이트 and it is only 1.5 games away from 5th place KT Wiz (3 wins and 2 losses), so it is possible to go up as much as you like. Even considering that, Lotte’s early season move is disappointing.

Coach Larry Sutton said it would be a ‘surprise team’ that would overturn the league game, but Lotte is unable to show that strength. Both pitches are sluggish with a batting average of 0.236 (7th) and an ERA of 4.99 (9th).

The second win was also possible thanks to the good pitching of starting pitcher Na Kyun-ahn. Na Gyun-an led the team to victory by blocking 6⅔ innings and 7 scoreless innings against Samsung Lions in Jamsil on the 2nd and against Sajik KT on the 9th, respectively. The Lotte batting line, which had been scoreless from the 1st to the 6th inning, was able to win the game by scoring in the 7th inning as Na Kyun-an held up well.

However, in games where Na Kyun-ahn does not pitch, he is showing disastrous results. Excluding Na Kyun-an’s record, Lotte’s ERA soars to 5.72. No other starting pitcher had a quality start (less than 3 earned runs in 6 or more innings).

The batting line also has severe ups and downs. He scored only 12 points in 5 games, excluding the opening game (10-12 loss) against the Doosan Bears on the 1st, where he scored 10 points. Lotte played frustrating attacks with less than 3 points in 4 consecutive games until they beat KT 5-3 on the 9th.

Lotte’s external free agent effect, which invested 18.27 billion won including compensation, is still quiet.

Kangnam Yoo, catcher of ‘8 billion won’, and Jinhyeok Noh, shortstop of ‘5 billion won’, were batting averages of 0.235 and 0.158, respectively, and failed to give strength to the batting line. The two hitters combined for only three RBIs. In particular, Noh Jin-hyuk’s OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) is 0.385, the lowest among the team’s starting fielders.

‘4 billion won’ pitcher Han Hyun-hee was also greatly shaken in the first appearance after the transfer. Han Hyun-hee, who started against KT on the 7th, was sluggish with 7 hits, 2 walks and 4 runs in 5⅓ innings, and suffered the yoke of defeat.

In the meantime, Lotte has been doing well in the spring, but after that, it has repeatedly had poor grades, so it has an undesirable nickname of ‘Bomde’. It means that it was strong at least in April, but now Lotte is not even enjoying the effect of spring.

Lotte, which has been stagnant, seeks a rebound through three consecutive matches against the second place LG Twins (6 wins, 2 losses), which will be held from the 11th to the 13th.

LG, which has recently won 4 consecutive wins, is a tough opponent, but Lotte has faced LG closely with 22 wins, 3 draws and 23 losses over the past 3 seasons. Last year, there was an experience of sweeping victory in the first three consecutive matches against LG.

For LG, substitute starter Park Myeong-geun, fifth starter Kang Hyo-jong, and first starter Casey Kelly will pitch in turn in this three-game series. For Lotte, this is the background to work with the confidence that ‘it’s worth trying’.

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