What to ask about Klinsmann: ‘Willingness to Collaborate’ and ‘Work Gaps’

Although he was a legendary German striker, only Jurgen Klins, who has a sharp contrast as a manager, is responsible for the four years of the Korean men’s soccer team. The decision has been made. All that remains is questions and supplements.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 27th that coach Klinsman had signed a contract to lead the national team until the ‘2026 World Cup in North and Central America’ through a press release. It is a condition that he reside in Korea during his tenure. The coaching staff has not yet been confirmed, and Klinsman will return to Korea next week to start coaching the national team. Michael Müller, head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, will hold a press conference on the 28th.

As a player, Klinsmann, who won the World Cup with Germany and scored two goals in the 1994 USA World Cup against Korea, is a star striker who will go down in football history. However, as a director, his ups and downs were severe. In Germany, his first job as a coach, he achieved 3rd place in the World Cup and in the United States, he reached the World Cup round of 16, which lived up to expectations. However, repeated sluggishness in preparation for the 2018 World Cup led to the United States being eliminated from the preliminary round, and it was disappointing in Bayern Munich and Hertha BSC, which were conducted back and forth. Hertha committed the eccentricity of announcing her resignation unilaterally after 10 weeks, before even discussing her grades.

There are two main questions that can be seen in his career. The first is whether you can collaborate with the organization smoothly and supervise. A clear example is when he suddenly announced his resignation using the live function of social media (SNS) Facebook while watching successive criticisms and disputes between the club’s board of directors during his time as manager of Herta.

If this was a sudden action, on the contrary, there are reports that he tried to exceed his authority during his days as an American coach. He went beyond the U.S. national team to comment on the Football Association and the entire Major League Soccer (MLS) system. There were reports that Andreas Herzog, who was an assistant coach to Klinsman, took over as U23 coach because of the coach’s influence, but Hairchoch failed to advance to the Olympic finals.

Reports that it was spontaneous in training, player selection, and entry announcement are consistent views of the media in each country. In Korea, long-term planning is more important than any other national team because there is a special characteristic of being commanded in one breath for four years without being reevaluated every one or two years. You need to verify that you have the right plan here. He is a director with a style that requires specific collaboration plans beyond just saying ‘I’m ready to make concessions’.

The second is whether you can follow the tactical flow of modern football and the latest guidance methodology. This is more important than ever메이저사이트. This is because representative players such as Hwang In-beom have already strongly demanded the planned operation of the national team. After going through former manager Paulo Bento, the players have a strong thirst for training programs and tactics. Outdated training methods or tactic of rule of thumb will not only reduce the performance of the day, but also the leadership.

In this aspect, concerns about manager Klinsman, who has been in business for almost 7 years, are reasonable. Even in 2008, when coach Klinsmann was at the height of his career, Bayern players were criticized for being unconventional and improvised. He mainly came up with a solution to change the formation when the team in charge was in crisis, but even after one change had an effect, there was a strong tendency to use a new formation again rather than continuing it.

Expectations are high that coach Klinsmann will live longer in the United States than Germany and will be able to recruit experts in physical training rather than tactics. Although his personal connections are known to be narrow, there are coaches worth appointing, such as Andreas Herzog, former head coach of the Israeli national team, whom he has worked with for a long time. However, it is not a situation that can be called division with them. In Bento’s case, he was already working as a team with all the coaches at the time he signed the contract with Korea, so the expression ‘division’ fit perfectly. However, even if coach Klinsman brings together quality staff now, he cannot see it as his own team that shares a similar tactical philosophy and goals like Bento. In the end, it is difficult to expect someone to catch Klinsman if he is shaken, so it is necessary to organize this point more and more.

The Football Association has already decided to appoint Klinsman. It is known that the strong will of top leaders such as Chung Mong-kyu, head of the Korea Football Association, was reflected. It is known that the Power Reinforcement Committee, which includes a large number of incumbent professional coaches, was not in a situation where active operation could be expected in the first place, and Chairman Müller did not have the authority to suggest new alternatives and search for candidates.

What remains is to ask whether coach Klinsman is ready to spend more than three years in good communication with the Football Association, and whether he is a person who does not lag behind in tactics and training. If it can come up with a convincing answer to this question, the Football Association can surprisingly easily calm the people’s anxiety.

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