Wembanyama laughed at the favorable comments of ‘the greatest prospect in history’… “Prepare to win”

Wembanyama moved closer to San Antonio.

On the 17th (Korean time), the 2023 NBA draft lottery draw was held in Chicago, USA.

The team that smiled broadly at the lottery draw that drew attention was the San Antonio Spurs. San Antonio, which had a 14.0% first-choice probability, overtook Charlotte and Portland to secure the first overall pick.스포츠토토

This first nomination is more valuable than usual because Victor Wembanyama, a super-prospect of French nationality, who is called an ‘alien’, participates. Standing 224cm tall and possessing incredible dribbling ability, speed, and shooting power, Wembanyama was mentioned as a strong candidate for the first place early on. 

Wembanyama, who is evaluated as having the best potential since LeBron James. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski praised him, saying, “He is the most anticipated player in the NBA draft. Perhaps the greatest prospect in the history of team sports.” Hearing this, Wembanyama smiled shyly and shook his head.

If there is no sudden big variable, San Antonio is a very powerful nomination for Wembanyama. They have already made good memories with French players. Tony Parker, a player permanently absent from the club, and Boris Diaw, a multi-talented player, went through San Antonio.

First of all, when the first place was confirmed as San Antonio, Wenbanyama expressed his joy, saying, “My heart is beating fast. It is a special moment that will be remembered for the rest of my life.”

“Thanks to Tony Parker and Boris Diaw, there’s something special between France and San Antonio. All of France wanted San Antonio’s No. 1 pick,” he added.

Previously selected first-choice big men David Robinson and Tim Duncan, who were selected by San Antonio, led the best golden era in the club’s history. Of course, Wembanyama’s goal is not to stay in the first place, but to become the best player and win many championships.

Wembanyama expressed his strong aspirations, saying, “I will try to win the championship ring as soon as possible. So I hope everyone is prepared.”

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