Using ‘Still desperate’, “Learn Choi Chul-soon!”

“We have to learn to be fierce like Cheol-soon Choi”. 

Veteran defender Lee Yong is back. Lee Yong, born in 1986, is a 14-year professional player. Having joined Jeonbuk in 2017, he briefly left the team last year. He moved to Suwon FC on loan. 

Lee Yong, who challenged to participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, failed to achieve his will. However, as the team’s best player, he continued his challenging spirit. 

He is showing no change in the training camp in Marbella, Spain. 

Lee Yong said, “I’m the best on the team, but I’m looking for something helpful. I have to do what I have to do both on and off the field.” “I have to win the FA Cup as well. Personally, what I really want to do is the treble. It’s a goal that I really want to achieve before I retire. It’s possible and I can achieve it.” 

“Travel is really difficult. But now we are preparing thoroughly. The players are following the soccer that the coach wants. That part is the key. It is important that it is done as one team. I want to do the treble, and I will work harder to achieve it.” 

The purpose of use is simple. Leaving the team for a while last year was part of achieving that goal. Lee Yong said, “I really wanted to participate in the World Cup. Participating in the game was not important. But the most important thing was that I did not want to regret it. It was also regrettable that all of them did not perform well in the preliminaries. This time, I wanted to be with them because I had been with them from the preliminaries. I feel sorry먹튀검증 for that part, but I did my best without regrets.” 

He also said, “Even when I was at Suwon FC, I watched all the Jeonbuk games. It hurt to see the number of injuries increase and how they really did their best. So, I’m talking about it again this year, but I’m just talking about regaining the championship.”  

Lee Yong praised the new players who joined the team. He said, “A lot of young friends have joined. They are young, but their abilities are really good. So we are interacting a lot. New friends are working hard to show off, and existing players are working hard not to be pushed back.” Fighting is overflowing. There are so many players to look forward to. That’s why I’m working harder.” 

Lee Yong is the best with Choi Cheol-soon, who is in the same position. However, the competition for the leading position is fierce. He said, “There are (Choi) Cheol-soon and (Kim) Moon-hwan, but all three of us have different styles. We are learning each other’s strengths and working hard to interact. Do it. If you do that, you will become stronger.”  

In particular, he brought up the story of Choi Cheol-soon to young players. Lee Yong said, “Jeonbuk is a team that always needs to win and prove its achievements. Everyone knows it well. I want to instill the spirit of Jeonbuk to my new friends.” . Tranquility is really important. In that part, I have to learn Cheol-soon’s image. I hope I can learn how to fight hard and not lose. I’m always learning that part as well. Young players have good skills, so I have something special to say. There is no one. We must learn the same fierceness as Cheol-soon. That is our Jeonbuk.

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