Tour de Dijon concludes…533km race over three days, U.S.’s Neff wins individual title, Japan’s team wins team title

The Tour de DMZ 2023 international youth road cycling event has wrapped up its five-day campaign, with Henry Neff (USA) claiming the overall individual title.토토사이트

Neff finished third in the final day’s five-leg (122.4-kilometer) race from Unification Security Park in Goseong, Gangwon Province, to Yanggu Sports Complex in 2 hours, 59 minutes and 23 seconds, but won the overall individual title after covering the 532.6 kilometers from Ganghwa Island in Incheon to Yanggu in 12 hours, 50 minutes and 15 seconds.

Stage 5 winner Kast Aima (NED) posted the same time, but finished second in the combined stage standings. Casper Bormans (FIN) finished third in 12 hours, 50 minutes, 46 seconds. Among South Korean athletes, Im Jong-won of Yangyang High School was the best individual finisher, placing 14th overall in 12 hours, 51 minutes, 43 seconds.

The team title went to the Japanese national team. Aima’s Dutch Gepra-Watersray team and the Kazakhstan national team finished second and third, respectively.

Team Gefra-Watersray took first place in the team standings, with Neff’s U.S. IEF Education On2 team and the Indonesian national team finishing second and third, respectively. Team Finland’s Vormans was honored as the overall winner of the King of the Mountains, which is awarded to the athlete who earns the most points in the mountain sections.

The Tour de DMZ, which runs along the border of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to promote peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, was launched in 2016 and celebrated its sixth edition this year. This year’s international youth road cycling competition attracted 176 participants from 20 teams from 13 countries, including Korea, the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands.

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