Tottenham super flight! Resignation of coach – Following player injury, the general manager was expelled from the football world

The British ‘Guardian’ reported on the 29th (Korean time), “It is highly likely that Tottenham general manager Fabio Paratici will be expelled from the football world due to book manipulation committed during his Juventus days.”

Tottenham faced the worst crisis at the end of the season. Coach Antonio Conte, who continued to act sabotage by blaming the players and the rescue, was sacked.

In addition, due to injuries at the end of the season, 스포츠토토many key players such as Richarlison, Ben Davies, Emerson, and Rodrigo Bentancur are unable to come out.

The bigger problem is that even the general manager, who has to run for team internal training and appointment of a successor manager, is shaking. Paratici started an investigation into ledger manipulation during his past Juventus days.

The Guardian explained, “The International Football Federation (FIFA) explained that Paratici is being suspended from his duties in the football world for 30 months. This is not just limited to Italian football, but is reflected in football around the world.”

He added, “Paratic is accused of manipulating the financial books during his time at Juventus. Even if he appeals, the chances of winning are very low.”

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