Tottenham fans must be crazy… Chairman Levy, annual salary of 900 million ↑ ‘money cushion’

 It was found that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy felt the ‘honey taste’ of a salary increase, apart from the team’s performance, which he had no interest in for 15 years.

According to the British daily Telegraph메이저사이트, Chairman Levy received an annual salary of 3.265 million pounds (approximately 5.13 billion won) in 2022. It increased by 567,000 pounds (about 891 million won) from 2.698 million pounds (about 4.24 billion won) in the previous year.

It wasn’t just Levy’s salary that went up. The total annual salary of the six Tottenham board members increased by about £4 million to reach £6.773 million (approximately KRW 10.649 billion).

This is not news that Tottenham fans will welcome. Tottenham has not been able to win a trophy for 15 years since winning the League Cup in 2008. Some supporters are shouting “leave Levy” every game.

There are also evaluations that the board of directors did not play their role. Director Fabio Paratici was suspended for 30 months for financial manipulation during his time at Juventus. COO Todd Klein has yet to finalize a stadium naming rights deal since his appointment two years ago.

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