This is the kind of bad blood… Stroman responds to ‘shhh’ emoji criticism from family members

By Yoo Jae Ra] Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman is embroiled in a feud with his “friendly” teammates.

Stroman pitched eight innings against the New York Mets on Friday, allowing one run on three hits (one home run) with three strikeouts and two walks to earn the win. He is now 4-4 with a 2.95 ERA in 11 starts this season.

Stroman’s on-mound behavior on the day was controversial, as his overexcitement and profanity after striking out and inducing an eighth-inning double play was deemed “disrespectful” to his former team, the Mets.메이저놀이터

Stroman was traded to the Mets from the Toronto Blue Jays in July 2019 and played through 2021. Stroman, who was unhappy at the time of the trade, was known to be on bad terms with the organization, as he declared himself out of the league in 2020, citing a calf muscle injury and the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stroman signed a free agent contract with the Cubs in December 2021. During his free agency negotiations, Stroman accused the Mets front office of being “racist.

According to the New York Post, after the game, several Mets players, who asked not to be identified, said of Stroman’s behavior, “What did we do to him?” and “Show him some respect. Be professional. I don’t believe that’s all you are.”

Stroman took to social media after the game as if he had seen the reports, posting a single emoji of a “shhh” pose with a finger covering his mouth to fuel the feud.

However, Mets infielder Pete Alonso said on “Foul Territory Live” on Sept. 26, “If you get eight innings and two runs on less than 100 pitches, you can celebrate any way you want. If you don’t like it, get better at baseball. I don’t believe his Mets teammates anonymously criticized Stroman,” he said, taking Stroman’s side.

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