“This is a show! a dream

Today on this stage, I am an actor and a clown, so I will make you guys laugh.”

A small city in New Jersey, USA in 2020.
Sua, a Korean adoptee who lives faithfully as an employee at a large supermarket.
While visiting an amusement park바카라, his only hobby, he meets a suspicious old man, Nebula.
Mistaking Sua for her photographer, Nebula commissions her to take pictures of her, and
Sua willingly accepts her request, thinking of taking a rough picture of her and earning money from her.

However, contrary to her Sua’s expectations, Nebula had a special determination for her filming, so
when her filming began, she said that she wanted to leave behind her true self, and
she devoted all her energy to her past life’s journey. Let go, say yes.
Sua, who felt embarrassed by her appearance and was even grossed out, didn’t know what to do…

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