The vital point of hemp life and death

Scene⑦ = AI is invincible. The suspicion of cheating cast over Li Xuan Hao brings up a lot of thoughts. Watching him play Baduk makes me feel even more strange. Kim Myung-hoon is now pouring fire fiercely. The back 6 is a pleasant defense. If you keep getting points in this way, even if you miss hemp, you will win Go. One house was completed in Black 7, but hemp is still unborn. Where is the vital point of the cannabis attack? Myung-Hun Kim broke through with 8 and 10, but missed a crucial step. Where is it?◆The vital point of life and death = The unexpectedly blunt place of Bag 1 was the vital point of life and death. Back 1 is a player. If you exchange it with black 2 and follow the steps like in real battle, you can expect up to white 9. Park Young-hoon, 9th dan, said, “It’s a great fire, but I wonder if black could have been captured in this painting.”◆Progress in practice = In the actual battle, Li Xuan Hao dramatically placed black 1. It was the crux of life. The last house of black hemp sprouted in this area due to this exchange (you can see the life sequence later). Black 5 is the number that asked for a response before living. Baek also rushed to the right side of Black without any further regrets. It is the final battlefield.슬롯사이트

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