‘The two of them stole 5 bases’ ‥’This is real foot baseball!’

Ha-seong Kim and Bae Ji-hwan, major leaguers, helped the team win with outstanding performances.

His quick feet were truly outstanding.

This is Kim Ha-sung’s 4th at-bat.

After a whopping 13-pitch match메이저사이트, he picked a walk and made the opposing pitcher sick of it… and

immediately recorded his 20th stolen base.

This was just the beginning.

In the ninth inning, which was a 4-3 match, he hit the ball at 158 ​​km/h and succeeded in stealing the second base.

Ha-seong Kim boldly dug into third base at the follow-up hitter’s shallow fly ball.

He homered on Tatis Jr.’s timely hit to create a wedge and lead the win.

Bae Ji-hwan also performed as dazzlingly as the golden belt.

He had a hit in the fifth inning, then stolen second base,

and then scored the run on Reynolds’ hit.

Even after that, Bae Ji-hwan always ran whenever he got on base.

The catcher ran to third base without a chance to stop him…

and even double-stealed with the runner on second base!

Bae Ji-hwan, who is second in the league with 10 stolen bases in the season, including 3 today, 3 hits, 3 steals and 2 points, the team also maintained the lead in the district.

Video Editing: Kim Min-ho

“This video can be viewed on the MBC News website due to copyright issues.”

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