The stadium also took off the mask… Open to cheering cheers, ‘warm’

According to government policy, it is now possible to cheer without a mask at indoor stadiums.

As the shouts grew louder, the atmosphere in the stadium became even hotter.

Reporter Park Ji-woon visited the scene.


I see spectators taking off their masks in and out of the stadium.

This is because the indoor stadium has also adjusted the wearing of masks to the ‘recommended’ level in accordance with the government’s quarantine measures.

Even though I am anxious, I am relieved to be able to shout to my heart’s content.

<Yoo Ji-an / Ilsan-si, Gyeonggi-do> “I’m a bit worried about taking off my mask and watching the game, but I feel relieved and able to watch the game hard after taking it off for the first time in a while…”

There are still a lot of spectators wearing masks, perhaps because it is awkward to take them off.

<Baek Jeong-ho / Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do> “I still have friends who are infected with the corona virus, so I don’t think I can take them off comfortably.” 메이저사이트

Indoor sports events such as professional basketball and professional volleyball, where regular leagues are in full swing, are welcoming this quarantine measure.

In these sports, the number of spectators at one time dropped to 1/10 after the outbreak of the Corona 19 virus.

<Kim Seong-heon / Goyang Carrot Secretary General> “It is true that the number of spectators has decreased compared to before the corona.

The cheering cheers of the fans have raised the mood of the stadium, and the players’ movements on the court seem to be much lighter as if in response.

Expectations are growing that a lively cheering culture will return with this action, a sports stadium that has taken off its mask for the first time in two years.

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