The sensory temperature is 3 degrees, the heat is hot… Warriors’ challenge to the Taegeuk mark 

“Nice. Fighting.”

On the 18th, the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation (WBAK) held the ‘2023 Women’s Baseball National Standing Army Selection Match’ at the Hwaseong Dream Park baseball field. It is a process of selecting the final 20 people out of 65 people who were selected through the first document and video screening after submitting applications.

The national team selection match held on this day selects about 30 to 40 people through actual matches. After a two-week test period, the final 20 people who will wear the Taegeuk mark will be announced in the middle of next month.

The selected personnel will participate in the BFA Women’s Baseball Asian Cup, which will be held in Hong Kong in May. If you win the right to play later, you can also participate in the 2024 WBSC Canada Women’s Baseball World Cup Asian qualifiers.

Around 10:00 a.m. when the selection game began, the temperature at the Hwaseong Dream Park baseball field recorded 5 degrees and the perceived temperature was 3 degrees. It was a bit chilly, but the heat of the players was warm. After warming up, the schedule began in earnest.

After the stretching,메이저사이트 training began immediately. From Yang Sang-moon (62), coach of the women’s baseball team, to coaches Jeong Geun-woo (41), Lee Dong-hyeon (40), and Jeong Yong-un (33), the professional coaches continued their strong performance. The players sweated to improve their physical condition ahead of an important game.

After training, the highlight of the match, Cheongbaekjeon, began. A group of 16 to 17 players played morning and afternoon games. The ground was full of fighting and passion. Their fighting spirit, such as running through and sliding without sparing their bodies, heated up the atmosphere. The players waiting at the dugout applauded the team members’ play.

Two games were played in one day, but the smiles on the faces of the players were constant. I did my best to see the results of the sweat that ran while looking at one Taegeuk mark. The first day of the women’s baseball team selection event ended with the enthusiasm of the players who stood out despite the cold weather.

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