The reporter of the ‘AI Choi Kyung-ju One-Point Lesson’ got a chance to try it out.

Demonstration of the AI Choi Kyung-joo One-Point Lesson.

What would it be like to receive a one-point lesson from Korean men’s golf legend Choi Kyung-ju?

The AI Choi Kyung-joo One-Point Lesson Center was set up at the SK Telecom Open, which was held for four days from the 18th to the 21st.

The excitement was intense.안전놀이터 Many galleries visited the experience booth to take lessons from AI Choi Kyung-ju. Standing at the plate in the swing analysis zone, AI Kyung-ju Choi stands in front of you with a stern expression and a motion detection sensor next to her. “The program is very sophisticated,” said one male gallery member, who swung a driver and took several lessons from the legend, before giving the program a thumbs-up: “Even though it’s AI Choi Kyung-ju, it feels like I’m getting a face-to-face lesson, especially since he sounds exactly like a pro. I think I’ll be able to increase my distance a lot in the future by practicing on the points the legend pointed out,” he said with a smile.

The surrounding galleries were also surprised, clapping and enjoying the AI’s one-point lesson.

This reporter received the AI Choi Kyung-ju One-Point Lesson.

Although it wasn’t the real Choi Kyung-ju, the reporter was able to experience the effect of the AI’s one-point lesson. Excited to get a one-point lesson from a legend, the reporter swung the driver as hard as he could. However, he swung too far and ended up with an undiagnosable problem. He couldn’t afford to miss out on a lesson from a legend. He composed himself and swung again. This time, I could hear the voice of AI Choi Kyung-joo, who was standing there with a stern expression on his face. After watching the reporter’s tee shot, the AI gave him a score of 85 for his address stance and 77 for his swing, and then said in his characteristic accent, “The lower body is not able to hold up during the backswing and rotates excessively. The lack of twist in the upper and lower body causes distance loss. When setting up, keep your center of gravity about 70% on your right foot and backswing.”

With AI Choi’s words of wisdom ringing in my ears, I swung the driver one last time. It wasn’t a cure-all, but it did give me a good idea of what to expect, as the legendary “I’ll get there.”

How was this new technology realized? SK Telecom’s AI human technology and Golf Zone’s indoor golf practice sensor (GDR) technology worked together. “When a user swings, GolfZone GDR’s lesson program tracks their joints and analyzes a total of eight movements – address, backswing, top of the backswing, transition, downswing, follow-through, and finish – to find out what’s wrong,” said a GDR representative, “and then delivers feedback to the user through an AI race, adding to the fun.”

The lesson program used Sung Siu, the best teacher in Korea, as a standard model and trained 10 professionals from GDR to set the standard.

“The goal is to allow users to take golf lessons on their own in the future,” the official said.

Meanwhile, while ‘AI’ Choi Kyung-ju was playing at Gallery Plaza, ‘Player’ Choi Kyung-ju overcame the difficulties of jet lag and the cool weather in Jeju to make her 20th career cut at the SK Telecom Open and tied for 19th place without losing a stroke on the final day of the tournament.

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