The reason Kim Min-hyeok goes to Thailand… Buriram, do not miss the hot love call

Centerback Kim Min-hyeok, who played a big role in the K-League, wears the uniform of Thai powerhouse Buriram United. Kim Min-hyeok’s heart was moved by the attitude of Buriram, who sent an active love call to avoid being taken away by another team.

Kim Min-hyeok메이저놀이터 has virtually finished the process of joining Buriram. According to football officials, the contract period is two years and the annual salary is 400,000 dollars (approximately 537.6 million won). Buriram’s Thailand national team defender Sasalak, who played for Jeonbuk, helped in the transfer process.

Due to the original league schedule, Buriram was not at a point where they could focus on recruiting players. Thailand is going to the end of the season because it is held in the middle of the day. On the 12th, they played the final game of the league and finished the regular league, which was already confirmed to win. And within this month, both the FA Cup and League Cup finals remain. 3 crown challenge. It’s time to focus on the game.

However, in order to recruit Kim Min-hyeok, they had to move quickly. Kim Min-hyeok, who played for Seongnam FC until last year and had no team at the beginning of this year, was a free agent (FA). He was negotiating with Middle Eastern teams and talking with one team was going well. If Buriram didn’t hurry, he was in danger of missing Kim Min-hyeok.

Kim Min-hyeok is a high-level center back who played for three seasons at Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K-League after playing for Sagan Tosu in Japan for a long time. He gained popularity for his tough defense, presence in every teammate’s goal ceremony, and pleasant personality. He is also one of the gold medalists of the ‘2014 Incheon Asian Games’.

I moved to Seongnam last year, but it was difficult to show my original performance due to the injury and its aftermath. After one year, he signed a contract with Seongnam and found a new team. Buriram actively wanted Kim Min-hyeok, but because the break period was long, he conducted the medical test meticulously and eventually concluded that there was no problem.

Buriram will go directly to the group stage of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) next season as the Thai champion. Thai players alone are not enough to compete in Asian competitions. In particular, it was necessary to properly fill the Asian quota. Fighter-type central defender Kim Min-hyeok was a good card to complement the Buriram squad’s weak physique in international matches.

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