The official stance of the Football Association on the disclosure of Son Heung-min’s personal trainer…”I will improve the problem”

The Korea Football Association (KFA) has issued an official position on the controversial ‘No. 2701’ incident at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

On the 10th, the association said, “The association has refrained from making official comments on this,” through a statement titled “The position of the Korea Football Association regarding the mandatory trainer of the Qatar World Cup national team.” This is because it was judged that it was not appropriate for the association to respond head-on to individual emotions that were poured out on (SNS).”

At the same time, the association presupposed that “the beginning was that Ahn Deok-soo, who came to Qatar as a personal trainer for Son Heung-min and treated some of the national players, expressed his dissatisfaction with the Korea Football Association through personal SNS.”

The association said, “Since Ahn Deok-soo wrote on social media that he was ‘waiting for reporters’ coverage,’ it is the policy of the association to actively clarify if the person concerned raises a problem directly through the media.” Reports on this issue kept coming out on loan, and facts and lies were mixed up to create confusion over and over again.”

In relation to this situation, he said, “There were some insufficiencies,” and “There are regrettable things for the players.”

Son Heung-min’s exclusive trainer, Ahn Trainer, posted a group photo taken with the main players of the national team on social media after the Qatar World Cup round of 16 against Brazil on December 6 last year (1-4 loss) and said, “(National team accommodation) In room 2701 A lot of things have happened, and if you contact reporters about why number 2701 came about, you will be able to learn more about things beyond common sense beyond imagination.” “However, number 2701 has nothing to do with the Korea Football Association. There was no help from No. 1,” he revealed. Currently, this article has been deleted. 메이저사이트

In this regard, the association said, “It is true that some representative players requested Ahn’s trainer to join the association’s mandatory staff when the recruitment of mandatory trainers was issued in November 2021, but for some reason, they did not apply, and as a result of confirmation, the association recognized the obligation I couldn’t hire him because I didn’t even have a staff license.”

He also emphasized, “As Son Heung-min’s personal trainer, Trainer Ahn, who stayed with the local team in Qatar, conveyed opinions to the players that were different from the opinions of the local specialist and national team doctor dispatched by the association, causing confusion.”

It also promised to prevent recurrence. The association said, “If the players, who are key members of the national team, have requested for a long time, we should have listened more carefully and come up with a reasonable alternative to solve the problem.”

He said, “The thoughts of the newly appointed national team coach will be discussed as important as they will be discussed and the final policy will be decided.” We will make it possible,” he said.

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