The future of Doosan, Daehan Kim and Seunghwan Song also exist

Last year, the Doosan Bears struggled unexpectedly in the match against JTBC’s strongest baseball monsters.

As the result of the match was already aired on the 13th (Mon), it was a new victory for Doosan, but it was unexpectedly difficult to solve the game, such as allowing an early lead. Despite placing the main members of the first team, such as Heo Gyeong-min, Kang Seung-ho, and Kim In-tae, in each element of the other line, they could not completely overwhelm the ‘professional baseball OBs’. In response, coach Lee Seung-yeop also revealed his feelings about the difficult game right after the broadcast.

Pay attention to the future of Doosan’s lineup, Kim Dae-han and Song Seung-hwan

Of course, Lee Seung-yeop’s lineup was not composed of 100% first-team players. Among them, there were players who would lead Doosan’s future. A typical example was the appearance of Kim Dae-han, who was nominated for the first round of the 2019 season, and Song Seung-hwan, who was a motive for joining. The two, who are about the same age, are reservists who have already completed their military service, and have received considerable attention since high school.

Kim Dae-han, who had thrown a fast ball up to 145km since his days at Deoksoo Middle School, recorded a batting average that exceeded the 40% mark while concentrating on batting while advancing to Whimoon High School. At one time, he was unmatched when it came to the bat, enough to perform an activity that approached Lee Young-min’s batting award. In his third year, he doubled as a two-hitter and appealed to his qualities as a pitcher, but set the direction to grow as a hitter by hitting a home run against Japan/Taiwan in the youth national team. It is Kim Dae-han’s great strength that he is strong in big games with a strong heart.

Kim Dae-han, who completed his military service early on active duty with his joining, appeared intermittently on the stage of the 1st Army last year. And he proudly entered the starting lineup in the strongest baseball program, making people look forward to his upcoming season. Considering the Doosan outfield line, there are still many opponents that Kim Dae-han has to overcome, but there is no need to dispute the fact that he is a talented person who can hit more than 20 home runs if he gets a spot.

On the other hand, Song Seung-hwan was slightly behind Kim Dae-han in the nomination order, but he received more attention first. He became famous as a giant gunner from his time in Seoul High School, but it was because 카지노사이트he left a strong impression by shooting a homerun gun on the stage of the first team, which was promoted after serving in the military. However, it was last year’s U-23 Baseball World Cup that imprinted his name above all else. Song Seung-hwan, who was the national team’s fourth hitter at the time, returned home confidently while leading the team to runner-up. In high school, he was the catcher for team reasons, but he was originally a promising player optimized for corner infielders.

Kim Dae-han and Song Seung-hwan have many things in common. Both of them played baseball at Whimoon High School and Seoul High School, both of which were close by, and experienced national teams by age while joining Doosan around the same time. It is also similar in that it is receiving attention from the team based on its long hitting power. It will be interesting to see how the two promising players, still only 23 years old, will contribute to the team this year.

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