The charm of basketball chosen by Joon Kim, a young Carrot youth in Goyang, “I love that you can turn it over even if you lose”

※ This interview was conducted at 9 am on December 17, 2022, and was published in the January 2023 issue of Basket Korea webzine. (Link to purchase Basket Korea webzine)

Kim Jun likes basketball more than anyone else. Kim Joon said, “Since my older brother and dad like basketball and follow me around, I naturally liked basketball. The biggest charm of basketball is that even if you are pushed until the middle, you can turn it over. So I have to do my best in any situation without giving up until the end.” Also, the current Carrot youth club is not a strong team, but Kim Joon is moving towards the goal of making his team a strong team.

When did you start playing basketball?
Basketball is a sport I have been playing since I was a child. I think I’ve been playing with the ball since I was 7 years old. His father loved basketball. And my brother also played basketball. So, following the two of them around, I think I started playing basketball naturally.

When did you start attending youth clubs?
I attended the Orion Youth Club from the 2nd grade of elementary school. My older brother was also playing in the Orion Youth Club at the time.

Did you make up your mind? did you mind?
I wanted to try it. It just seemed fun to do with my dad and brother. And since it was my first workout, I worked even harder.

Do you think your father and older brother are good at basketball?
Both seem to be better at basketball than me. (Laughter) My hyung and I have a big age difference, so I can’t win easily. (Laughter) My dad seems to be doing really well for his age. So it’s fun to work out together.

What do you think is the fun of basketball?
The basketball can be overturned enough even if it is pushed midway through. That’s why you don’t give up until the end and you have to do your best in any situation. I think that’s the best attraction. Conversely, even if we are winning big, we can be overturned by our opponents. He seems to enjoy the thrill.

Please introduce the Carrot Youth Basketball Club to which you belong.
Originally the Orion Basketball Club, it was recently renamed Carrot. But in fact, there is no big change that we feel. Our club has more hard-working players rather than exceptionally talented players. That’s why I train a lot of basic skills rather than special skills. The director also emphasizes the basics. So, I usually focus on basic things like running, side step, dribbling, and passing. In fact, basic training is not fun. But we know what you need and we do our best.

What are the advantages of Carrot Youth Club?
It seems to be the team coaches. The coaches teach me in detail. And the team atmosphere is really good. Besides that, other friends also practice really hard. It’s more fun when we practice because the atmosphere where everyone is together has already been created. And recently, a lot of people have come from the players’ class. So the atmosphere has improved and I think my skills have improved.

When was your first competition?
I went out when I was in the 2nd grade of elementary school. I was the youngest at the time, so I couldn’t play, but I was very nervous. At that time, I wanted to pass the qualifier, but I failed. The problem is that I haven’t been able to participate in the competition because of Corona. Then, it wasn’t until recently, when I was in fourth grade, that I participated in the competition.

How was the competition then?
It was a youth KBL competition. That was when I first started playing. We lost the first game, but won the second in overtime. We had an 8-point lead two minutes before the end of the fourth quarter, but we caught up and went into overtime. Then we won 22-20 and I scored 16 points. I have a lot of memories from that time. Unfortunately, we failed to qualify for the finals. And in fact, I haven’t even passed the preliminaries yet. So the goal is to pass the qualifiers.

Please tell us about your basketball style.
In fact, I’m not tall and I’m not a fast runne메이저사이트r. That’s why I play a lot to receive screens from my teammates. I am confident as I continue to attack 2v2. In the past, I didn’t have many friends on the team to run the game, so I mainly scored goals, but now I have friends to score points, so I focus on passing.

Did you adapt quickly to your changed role?
Originally, I kept watching the guard and made a lot of passes. However, I just put more effort into running the game than before. So it seems to have adapted quickly. To be honest, basketball is a scoring sport, so scoring is more fun. But these days, I pass a lot, so I’m enjoying the fun of solving the game through passing.

Do you watch a lot of professional basketball?
I watch both KBL and NBA. NBA games are usually played in the daytime, so there are many times when I can’t watch them.

Where is your favorite team?
Of course I love carrots. (Laughter) Originally, I liked Orion. Recently, I got a youth team card, so I go to see it occasionally. When I go, I often win.
In the NBA, I like Atlanta or Portland. Portland has been working hard lately, so it was great to see them doing well. And I love Atlanta because they have my favorite player, Trae Young. Both KBL and NBA keep an eye on the article and game results.

Why do you like Trey Young?
I want to learn a lot, so I watch it often and like it. He shoots well, scores well, and passes well. Among NBA guards, I think both passing and scoring are the best in the league. I also want to play basketball with you.

Not interested in elite basketball?
I want to go. But I know it’s hard because my skills are so lacking. I don’t know it in my club, but when I’m with a good club, I feel that I’m lacking a lot. Still, I love basketball more than anyone else. No matter which path I take, I want to play basketball to the best of my ability.

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