The advance of the stronger giants in the close match at home, Sajik continues to be hot

The giant continues to advance. The resignation continues to be hot due to the strong performance of the Lotte Giants in the home stadium and close matches.

The Lotte Giants won the final game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against the Doosan Bears at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 11th, finishing 7-6 after a close game in the 10th inning. With this, Lotte won the first series after a long rainy break with 2 wins and 1 loss and finished second.

It was meaningful that 메이저놀이터the winning series from three consecutive matches against Doosan showed a new Lotte in the 2023 season. These were games that proved the team color and potential of Lotte, which became more sticky in front of home fans.

Even until the 2-5 loss against Doosan on the 9th, the first game of the three-game series, it seemed that Lotte’s bad appearance last year, repeating a losing streak after the streak was interrupted, seemed to be recreated. However, on the 10th, Lotte won a complete victory 3-0 with Ahn Chi-Hong’s home run, Ko Seung-Min’s final hit, and a harmonious good pitching of salvation, and immediately turned the atmosphere around. On the 11th, thanks to Noh Jin-hyuk’s timely hit at the end of the 10th inning, the winning series was completed with a come-from-behind victory. The series itself was also more symbolic because it was a reverse winning series.

In the game flow on the 11th, after giving the first point in the first inning, Lotte succeeded in reversing once in the second inning, and then gave 1 point each in the 3rd to 6th innings, leading to 2-5. However, only in the 6th inning, they continued to attack and scored 4 points to turn the game around.

Jun-Woo Jeon and Dong-Hee Han’s consecutive hits brought Dylan off the mound, and Kang-Nam Yoo and Dong-Hee Yoon hit Park Chi-Gook, who was on the mound for relief, with another series of hits. For Lee Byung-Hun, Jack Rex’s infield hit and Ahn Chi-Hong’s 4-ball added 2 points, turning the score 6-5.

In the 8th inning, Lee Hak-joo’s disappointing defense as the third baseman caught up and allowed the score to be tied at 6-6. In fact, if the team’s strength or atmosphere was in a state of decline, it was easy to be reversed. However, Lotte pushed the game into overtime with the mound’s potential, and in the 10th inning of overtime, Noh Jin-hyeok hit a clean final 1 RBI double in the 10th inning with 2 outs and 1st base, putting an end to the fierce game.

Photo = Lotte Giants
It was a propaganda that the spectators at Sajik Stadium could not help but go wild throughout the three-game series. The loss in the first game of the series on the 9th was not a loss that was meaningless or frustrating. In fact, 11,643 spectators attended Sajik Stadium on the 9th, 11,435 on the 10th, and 13,361 on the 11th. More than 10,000 baseball fans visited Sajik Stadium per game, even though it was a weekday throughout the three consecutive games.

Considering that there were many empty seats in the cheering seats in the direction of Doosan throughout the three-game series, and it was difficult to find empty seats in the infield home spectator seats, it was also a series that showed that the current interest and enthusiasm of the Lotte fans had not cooled down at all even in the pouring rain. .

Prior to the game on the 12th, there is no particularly outstanding corner in Lotte’s main indicators of air defense. The team’s ERA is only 9th in the league with 4.76, and the team’s OPS is 0.687, 5th in the division. However, this season, Lotte shows an amazing concentration to win all 4 matches in 4 one-point matches, and is clearly showing a strong appearance in the match.

In addition, Lotte recorded 11 wins, 5 losses, and a win rate of 0.688 only at its home, Sajik Stadium in Busan, and is ranked first in the overall home win rate. In particular, recording an excellent win rate at home is a welcome thing for fans who visit the field and watch a team that is doing well at home through TV.

May in Lotte continues to be hot. The cheers resounding at the resignation are also in an atmosphere that will not stop.

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