Starting with 5K, ‘5 walk ending’ national pitcher Nanjo, ‘one man’ wind has become colorless.

 KIA Tigers coach Kim Jong-guk’s words, “I hope we can overcome the crisis in the early stages,” became colorless. Eui-ri Lee (21) self-destructed by walking too much.

Lee Eui-ri started the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against the Doosan Bears at KIA-Champions Field in Gwangju on the 8th, throwing 77 pitches in 3 innings, giving up 2 hits, 5 walks, 5 strikeouts and 1 run.

Eui-ri Lee, who gave up 1 run in 5 innings in the first game and gave up 6 walks, 메이저사이트eventually walked off the mound on this day as well, unable to overcome the self-inflicted crisis.

Before the game, coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I think I’m average. Even if it’s a little difficult, I’ll hold on well.”

Rather, the beginning of the game was good. He struck out four in the first and second innings. His fastball reached the maximum speed of 150 km per hour, and his slider and changeup also made the bats of Doosan batters spin.

The crisis came after the batting order turned around. In the top of the 3rd inning, he gave 9th hitter Sue-bin a walk from 1 out, and was unable to throw strikes easily to Lee Yu-chan and Heo Gyeong-min. 3 consecutive walks. The coaching staff visited the mound and Eui-ri Lee found stability. Kang Seung-ho induced a grounder in front of the third baseman to catch the runner at home, and Kim Jae-hwan set it back with a looking strikeout and put out the fire. He proved that he did not earn the nickname ‘pervert with bases full’ for nothing.

However, after that, the jegu hunting continued. Leading batters Yang Eui-ji and Yang Seok-hwan were allowed consecutive walks. Song Seung-hwan also threw three balls in a row at bat, and hit a right-handed hit with one RBI while pushing a fastball in to catch the count. The KIA bench has moved. eventually replaced. He came down the mound after handing the ball to the pitching coach. It was fortunate that pitcher Lim Gi-yeong, who had changed from 1st and 2nd base, allowed 1 run and changed 3 outs. The loss has increased to 2.

The rate of strikes out of 77 pitches barely exceeded 50%. The ball reached a whopping 38 pitches. Only by fixing the chronic disease can one step forward. Equipped with control power and the habit of boldly competing are the most desperately needed virtues.

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