“Sometimes I’m tired” Ohtani honest confession, baseball genius is also a person… ERA 1.85→4.50 ‘Impact’

“I get tired sometimes.”

‘Hitter’ Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) is looking to top the American League home run. On the other hand, ‘pitcher’ Ohtani is crying. Otani until April and Otani from May to June are different. This season, until April, he had 4 wins in 6 games and an average ERA of 1.85. However, since then, he has 1 win and 2 losses with an earned run average of 4.50 in 7 games.먹튀검증

After winning his 5th win of the season against the Baltimore Orioles on May 16, the news of victory was cut off for a month. There are issues with the main weapon sweeper, walks, and pitching intervals. Certainly, more walks than last year, and the proportion of sweepers’ home runs is getting bigger and bigger. He gave up 44 walks in 166 innings in the 2022 season, and this season, he gave up 34 walks in 76 innings.

According to Baseball Savant, Ohtani’s sweeper batting average this season is 0.161. He’s down from last year’s 0.165. However, he hit home runs 6 times while throwing a sweeper last year, but has already allowed 7 home runs this season. The sweeper’s run value was -25 last year, but -3 this season. Last year, if it was worth suppressing 25 points, this year, it means that it is only suppressing 3 points. Certainly, the proportion of sweepers making mistakes this year is high.

The Athletic also analyzed the recent sluggishness of pitcher Ohtani from various angles on the 12th (hereinafter Korean time). Regarding the sweeper, “Because he throws the sweeper more than 40% of the time, home runs also occur while throwing the sweeper. On the one hand, he uses his sweeper so much that he allows home runs.”

The Athletic still rated Ohtani Sweeper’s value as high. He said his vertical move bunt this season averaged 17.1 inches, 3.1 inches higher than the league average. “He just wanted to throw,” Ohtani said. So he threw a lot.”

The Athletic also called the walk “a fundamental problem.” Furthermore, he pointed out Ohtani’s pitching interval this season. Until last season, Ohtani was guaranteed to pitch once a week or at least five days off. However, this season, Ohtani plays a rotation similar to that of an ordinary pitcher in the major leagues, taking four days off and then coming back in five days. This could be a burden for Ohtani, who also plays as a hitter.

The Athletic said, “After starting on the 10th, we were able to see Ohtani’s difficulties. He’s feeling great and fit, but said his current fatigue is a result of his increased workload in 2023. The Angels are contemplating whether to continue doing it (starting after four days of rest).”

Ohtani is also a person before being a baseball genius. “Sometimes I feel a little more tired,” he said. I feel like moving my body is less efficient.” Fatigue is not something the Angels will take lightly, given that it increases injury risk.

But director Phil Nevin doesn’t seem to be concerned. “Every time he starts, it feels the same. Stuff is still there. He said, “Everything is the same, including the restraint and the trajectory of the ball.” The Athletic also said, “Ohtani is still the Angels’ ace.”

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