Shin Ji-hyun, whose movements were heavy, was not enough to prevent the team’s complete defeat

Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G)’s movements were heavy.

Bucheon Hana One Q lost 57-71 against Incheon Shinhan Bank in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 regular league game held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 21st.

On the 19th, Hana 1Q, who took Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and aimed for the first consecutive win of the season, stayed at the bottom with 2 wins and 17 losses.

Hana 1 Q succeeded in escaping from 8 consecutive losses in the last game and succeeded in reversing the atmosphere. Ji-Hyun Shin suffered a knee injury during the game, but Ye-Rim Jeong (175cm, G) scored 18 points, a career high, and In-Young Yang (184cm, C) scored 10 points, leading the team to victory.

In this game, Hana One Q was interested in continuing the upward trend of escaping from a losing streak. To that end, it was important whether or not Shin Ji-hyun participated. Regarding Shin’s condition in an interview before the match, head coach Kim Do-wan of Hana One Q said, “Shin Ji-hyun was examined at the hospital and there is no problem. This is the part where you didn’t like it in the first place. There is little pain. He has to prepare and look at the situation,” he predicted Shin Ji-hyun’s appearance.

Shin Ji-hyun started the game with the starting lineup. In the first quarter, Shin Ji-hyun showed a not bad appearance by posting 5 points including the outside.

However, after the second quarter, Shin Ji-hyun showed an isolated appearance. When he was shown to be blocked by Lee Kyung-eun and Kim Jin-young of Shinhan Bank, he tried to solve it himself. However, Yatoo was not accurate. In the 2nd quarter, 2 field shots were all missed, and movement on the court was not smooth.

Shin Ji-hyun struggled in the third quarter, but it was not enough to counter Shinhan Bank’s attack. With 5 minutes and 49 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, there was nothing to do except a successful layup shot by the pennant. 먹튀검증

In the end, as Shinhan Bank added to the game in the 4th quarter, Shin Ji-hyun had to step back to the bench early and watch the team’s complete defeat. On this day, Shin Ji-hyun recorded 9 points and 4 assists while running for 26 minutes and 11 seconds. The aftermath of the knee injury suffered in the previous game seems to have affected this game as well.

Regarding Shin Ji-hyun’s performance, director Kim Do-wan and Hana One Q said, “(Shin) Ji-hyun has to make use of the chance to attack, but there were many regrettable scenes as the situation was directed. The two-man game with (Yang) In-young should be normal, but the timing, such as the screen, was not good. Also, he had to give or shoot to a player who was alive in the switched situation, and other players had to throw a shot, but he couldn’t.”

Hana 1Q, the center of Shin Ji-hyun, must prepare for the mid-season and beyond in a situation where it is virtually difficult to make the playoffs. Above all, it is the homework to be solved to increase the growth of other resources while relieving Shin Ji-hyun’s burden.

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