Shim Jae-hak, the first QO coach in the national team, “The uniform weight is the heaviest”

KBO has established a new coach position for good results in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

KBO held a press conference on the 4th and unveiled a list of coaching staff along with 30 final entries for the 2023 WBC to be held in March. Along with national team coach Lee Kang-cheol, hitting coach Kim Ki-tae, pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook, third base-ops coach Kim Min-jae, first base-defensive coach Kim Min-jae, Jin Gap-yong battery coach, and Bae Young-soo bullpen coach were appointed.

And what stands out is Shim Jae-hak, a quality control (QO) coach. Coach Shim, who was a member of the KBO technical committee, took on the first QO coach position in the national team. It is the role of culling the data analyzed in the data part and delivering it to the manager to set up a game strategy.

It is a necessary position in modern baseball, where the importance of data analysis has increased. It was first introduced in the major leagues, and in KBO teams, SSG Landers, Kiwoom Heroes, and Lotte Giants had QO coaches. The KBO, which greatly increased the proportion of data analysis teams ahead of this tournament, entrusted Coach Shim with the heavy responsibility of determining the importance of the data and delivering it to the field.안전놀이터

Coach Shim, who was contacted on the 5th, explained that QO coach “acts as a control tower.” Coach Shim said, “These days, there is too much data. The more data there is, the more complicated the heads of the coaches and players are. So, it is important to organize the data and deliver information to the coaches, coaches, and players.” .

Since his days as a member of the technical committee, Coach Shim has been running around trying to find information about the countries Korea will face in international competitions. After the national team meeting on the 4th, he and coach Lee left for the country on the 5th, and had to watch 4 matches for 5 days and 3 nights between Korea and Australia, who are in Group B of the WBC. After that, business trips are scheduled one after another, so it is not an easy schedule.

Coach Shim expressed his burden, saying, “I took on a role that puts too much pressure on me. While playing as a player, it can be seen that the role I play is smaller than when I went to the Asian Games in Bangkok, but the weight of the uniform seems to be heavier. It is so heavy that I wonder if I can wear it.” However, he expressed his determination, saying, “I will work with the mindset of representing the country.”

After the gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, Korea has not been able to achieve significant results in baseball international competitions. Because of this, not only the players, but also the national coach and coaching staff had to endure the weight of the Taegeuk mark. At the 2023 WBC, Coach Shim is also busy moving while everyone is putting their heads together to show a changed Korea.