Shaking Jo Yu-min, unshakable faith in Min-seong Lee

 Daejeon Hana Citizen’s ‘faith’ in Cho Yu-min (27), the national team’s defender, is unwavering. Daejeon Hana, which was promoted this season, rode an explosive rise enough to run second in the early stages. It’s been slowing down a bit lately. Daejeon, which had only 1 loss in the first 7 matches, suffered 3 losses in 6 matches. It’s big that the defense is shaking. They have conceded 9 goals in their last 6 matches. Of course, Daejeon plays attack-oriented football, but it is difficult to accumulate points if the rear is shaken.

Jo Yoo-min’s sluggishness is great.먹튀검증 He is the nucleus of Daejeon’s defense. Cho Yoo-min was recognized for his ability to the extent that he participated in the last World Cup in Qatar. Daejeon plays very aggressive football. With 22 goals, it ranks third in the league after FC Seoul (27 goals) and Ulsan Hyundai (26 goals). It harasses the opponent from the front with bold forward pressure that raises the line. The defensive line is also aggressive. Daejeon uses a three-back, but uses an asymmetrical form. The left center back is actively overlapping. The right center back is also active in attack support. Of course, there is no choice but to have a lot of load on the center bag. Jo Yoo-min, who was placed between Anton and Kim Min-deok, played this role well. He blocked the opponent’s defense with his whole body, and took a large part in the build-up with accurate forward passes.

But lately, it has fallen into a sharp slump. He showed a disappointing look in every single point. This is a noticeably reduced performance after Daejeon’s first loss at home this season against Jeju United (0-3). Coach Lee is taking care of Jo Yoo-min by letting him rest and changing his position from center to right, but his performance is not improving. In the last Pohang Steelers match (2-3 match loss), he succeeded in a header goal, but missed the opponent’s striker every time in the conceding scene. When Cho Yoo-min was sluggish, the entire Daejeon defense was shaken.

However, director Lee’s trust in Jo Yoo-min remains the same. Coach Lee, who was a great defender enough to go to the World Cup twice during his active career, seemed to understand Cho Yu-min’s heart more than anyone else. Coach Lee said, “There is no player who does not make mistakes while defending.” “I am also a former defender, and I know how Yu-min feels right now. Personally, Yu-min has been on a hard march since last year. only,” he said. He also said, “No goal is scored because of one player in the defense. It is Yu-min who missed the last player in the last conceding scene against Pohang, but our midfielders missed the opponent’s penetration before that. In the end, it was everyone’s mistake.”

Director Lee gives faith and hopes that Jo Yoo-min will overcome. Director Lee said, “In the end, it’s something you have to solve. I’m just helping you overcome it physically and mentally. I’m a player who has already experienced the World Cup. If I overcome this hurdle, I will be able to grow one step further.”

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