“Seung-hwan, you’ve had your ups and downs, but your class is forever” by Kang Min-ho

Samsung Lions catcher Kang Min-ho congratulated closer Oh Seung-hwan on reaching the 500-save milestone in his Korean-American career.

Oh Seung-hwan took the mound in the ninth inning of a 9-6 home game against NC at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on June 6 to preserve a three-run victory and reach the 500-save milestone for Korea and the United States.메이저놀이터

Oh gave up a leadoff single to Son As-seob, but retired Seo Ho-cheol (straight to second base), Jae-hwan Lee (swinging strikeout) and Jason Martin (grounder to first base) to reach the milestone.

Kang Min-ho told MBC Sports Plus, “Before today’s game, Seung-hwan walked by and I said, ‘Bro, I think you’re going to get 500 saves today, so let’s do it in one go.’ Seung-hwan said, ‘Let’s do it in one go.’ It was a really neat way to accomplish (500 saves),” he said behind the scenes.

“Seung-hwan is a good example for the younger generation because his older brother was struggling in the beginning, but as a veteran, he is working hard and building his career without wavering,” he added.

“It’s an honor to be with him,” said Seung-hwan, who reached 400 saves and 500 saves in his Korean-American career. Seung-hwan may have had his ups and downs, but I think class is forever. I wish him all the best.”

Courtesy of Samsung Lions

Catching has been called baseball’s “3D industry. It’s a physically demanding and injury-prone position. Squatting and fielding while carrying heavy equipment is no easy feat.

Catcher Kang Min-ho, a 20-year pro, is aging backwards. Born in 1985, he’s on the cusp of his prime, but there’s no aging curve. He credits his parents for giving him a healthy body, and his wife for keeping him in shape after he got married, but it wouldn’t be possible without the thorough self-care that comes with being a professional athlete.

As of the sixth, Kang Min-ho is batting .301 (52-for-168) with seven home runs, 31 RBIs, and 25 runs scored. He also went 3-for-4 with a double, two RBIs and two runs scored in the team’s win on Saturday.

“I’m really just going out there with no expectations,” he said. When I’m out there, I’m just grateful that I’m healthy enough to go out there and not stress about my performance. I think that’s why I’m getting good results,” he said, adding, “I’ve been working hard on my weight training so that my speed doesn’t decrease, and that definitely helps me play.”

“It’s tough for everyone, but there’s still a lot of season left, so if we prepare well, we can ride the good vibes and go on a winning streak,” he said confidently. / /Stephen

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