SD lucky for reversal of the reading “I put a dagger → the worst decision”, from the player to the manager were angry

San Diego lost 2-4 in the 2023 Major League Baseball game held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California on the 22nd (Korean time). With the defeat on this day, they marked 35 wins and 39 losses, falling into a three-game losing streak. It also became a victim of San Francisco’s 10-game winning streak.

It was big that starter Darvish collapsed all at once. In this process, there was a regret of the judgment.

Darvish was pitching scoreless until the 4th inning. But the 5th was in trouble. Consecutive infield hits to Luis Matos and Blake Say, and a walk to David Villa brought the bases loaded safely.아톰카지노

Darvish allowed Brandon Crawford a sacrifice fly to left field to take the lead. However, Casey Schmidt struck out and made two outs.

The following situation became a problem. Joc Pederson got a right-handed hit in the 2nd 1st and 2nd bases that continued. Here, right fielder Fernando Tatis Jr. played a great role. He caught the batted ball and quickly threw it home. It was truly a laser throw. His throw was directed to catcher Gary Sanchez and tagged out second base runner Seiball rushing home. It was a situation where the inning should have ended without any additional runs.

At this time, a video review was requested from the San Francisco bench. It was claimed that catcher Sanchez blocked Sayball’s sliding path. The decision that came after a long video review was overturned. Out became safe. The reason was the violation of blocking regulations. Enraged, San Diego manager Bob Melvin stormed out and protested, but to no avail. The referee sent off manager Melvin.

The San Diego players who went into the dugout came out again, and Darvish, who collapsed, was hit in a row afterward and eventually went down after giving up five runs. After that, San Diego chased with two points, but that was it.

After the game, San Diego players were indignant. According to, Tatis Jr. was furious that he “put a dagger on us.”

“(I) could have been in front of home plate or somewhere, but I was just watching where the ball was coming. It took me to third base,” explained catcher Sanchez.

Director Melvin was also outraged. “Look at where Sanchez started. If you look at the replay from the point where the ball has already been thrown, it’s a legitimate move. The catcher has to judge where the throw is, and move toward the ball while seeing where the runners are,” he said. When I saw it, it was the worst challenge this season,” he said strongly.

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