Sangsan Electronic High School Lee Hyeon-seok, “I want to be good at defense, passing, and even scoring”

 “I want to hear that he is good at passing and scoring while hearing the evaluation that he strengthens his defense.”

Sangsan Electronic High School visited Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, and held a practice match against Korea University. It was a series of practice games both in the morning and in the afternoon with Masan High School, who visited during the same period메이저사이트.

Lee Hyeon-seok (178cm, G), who played as a starting pitcher last year even though he was a sophomore, should lead Sangsan Electronic High School with Do Hyeon-woo (184cm, G) this year.

Lee Hyun-seok played in 19 games last year and averaged 13.4 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 1.6 steals and 1.3 successful 3-pointers.

He’s not a great scorer. He scored 20 points in a head-to-head match against Anyang High School during the federation’s presidency, the most points scored in a single game last year. However, he showed consistency, scoring in double digits in 16 of 19 games.

When asked why he started playing basketball, Lee Hyun-seok said, “(Jeju Island) Ildo I started playing basketball through someone I knew when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school. “It’s fun, it’s hard,” she said, recalling her childhood. “Winter training is hard, but running is fun.”

He continued, “He was tall when he was young, but he hasn’t grown tall since around the third year of middle school. When he was in elementary school, he was the center. He used to be tall, but now he’s small, so it’s very difficult.” Nevertheless, he scores a lot with his fast break and tries to create chances for his teammates.”

Lee Hyun-seok, who has to solve the game with Do Hyun-woo, said, “Do Hyun-woo has to score, so he can’t do it alone, so I try to do it as much as possible.” ” he said.

“When I get a quick break or an opportunity, I try to shoot. scoring isn’t bad. The best advantage is the fast attack. Trying to run first. Here’s the 3-point shooting ability. Practice 3-point shooting regularly. Lee Hyeon-seok, who said, “I try to stay up later than other players for shooting training,” said Lee Hyun-seok, who said, “I am trying to practice defense as much as possible because I am not good at defense this winter training.”

Sangsan Electronic High School was a team that stood out last year with the twin towers of Jeon Ki-hyun and Jae-min Lee. All of them graduated and now their height has dropped significantly.

Lee Hyun-seok said, “(The entire team) is short. We have to stick together strongly from the front line, defend, and then score a lot with fast attacks.” This year, I got a lot smaller and lost a lot of rebounds, so there are some difficult parts.”

Lee Hyeon-seok, who left his last year in high school, made a resolution, saying, “I want to hear that he is good at passing and scoring while hearing the evaluation that he strengthens his defense.”

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