Ronaldo continues his Portuguese national team career… “He’s worth it”

Cristiano Ronaldo (38)’s Portuguese national team career continues. 

According toㅋㅋㅋ벳 Portuguese broadcaster Antena 1 on the 27th, new Portugal coach Robert Martinez said, “I think Ronaldo played a very positive and important role in our A match last March. It is only important to maintain that attitude every day.” I got lucky. 

“Ronaldo is a very important player and at the same time a very important person in the locker room. He plays in a key position and is a striker who can make a difference. And no other player in world football has played 198 A-matches, and that is very important to us. It’s worth it.” 

When asked if Ronaldo would be included in the June A-match, Martinez said directly, “Yes. That is my position.” Since the selection of the representative is the manager’s own right, Ronaldo’s national team career is expected to continue. 

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