Relief Pitcher in Crisis, Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB Gained Strength

A great crisis lay before them. The older brothers stepped out for their younger siblings. The younger brothers who gained strength worked together with the older brothers and overcame adversity wonderfully.메이저사이트

Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB held at the gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 20th, Kwang-mo Ahn (16 points, 6 rebounds) and Jong-kyung Kim (12 points, 9 rebounds) in Group F qualifiers for the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League ( 1st round. 3 steals), Park Hyung-gwan (9 points, 4 rebounds), Kim Myung-jun (8 points, 5 rebounds), and Cho Seok-yoon (6 points, 5 rebounds), etc., they defeated Bucheon City Hall 62-35.

Seven out of 10 previously registered players, including Seonbeom Han, Mincheol Lee, and Jinhyeok Jeong, were Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB who could not participate due to injury. Ahn Kwang-mo and Kim Myeong-jun, who played in the game that day, are also in poor physical condition. Leading by Choi Yoon-dae (3 points and 6 rebounds) and Park Hyung-gwan, Jang Seung-guk (3 points and 6 rebounds) and Cho Seok-yoon came out on the court for the sake of their juniors after 4 years. Park Sang-woo (5 points, 12 rebounds), Kim Jong-kyung, Kim Myung-jun, and Ahn Kwang-mo were encouraged by the appearance of relief pitchers and led the team to victory by filling the void left by the injured.

In Bucheon City Hall, Hyeon Park (14 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists) played a big role, crossing the inside and outside, and Yang Woo-il (3 points, 3 rebounds), Yoo Je-yeon (5 points, 2 rebounds), and Kim Jae-woong (2 points, 9 rebounds, 4 steals) supported. Kim Tae-woo (5 points, 4 rebounds), Cho Seung-wan (3 points), Kim Byeong-hyo (4 points, 4 rebounds), and Koo Bo-young (2 points, 3 rebounds) also gave strength to their teammates by working hard on difficult tasks. In the future, if experience points are accumulated and strengths are maximized through training, the team will be reborn as a team full of ambition.

From the beginning, SSIT TSB of Samsung Electronics pushed hard. He actively used his advantage under the goal. Kim Myeong-jun persistently dug under the opponent’s goal to settle down, and received passes from teammates such as Jang Seung-guk and Kim Jong-kyung and scored. He led the team’s offense by scoring 8 points in the first quarter alone. Hyung-Kwan Park and Seok-Yoon Cho raised their scores by attacking empty spots, and helped their juniors by working hard on dirty work.

Bucheon City Hall did not stand still. Hyun Park took the lead. While confronting the opponent’s strategy that penetrated under the goal, he used his breakthrough ability to lead the team’s attack. Kim Jae-woong helped Park Hyeon to secure the bottom of the goal, while Kim Tae-woo, Cho Seung-wan, and Yang Woo-il crossed the inside and outside to support their teammates.

Entering the second quarter, Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB went out. Ahn Kwang-mo came out. He opened the fire with a 3+1 shot, then fired a shot from the mid-range. It was a bonus that he got involved in a rebound fight and handed a pass in line with the movements of his teammates. Park Sang-woo, Jang Seung-guk, Cho Seok-yoon, Park Hyung-gwan, and Kim Jong-kyung, who were stimulated by Ahn Kwang-mo’s performance, shook the opponent’s defense by showing off their old age. In particular, Sang-Woo Park replaced Myung-Jun Kim, who was unable to play on the court due to a back injury after the first quarter, and strengthened the bottom of the goal to give strength to his teammates.

In Bucheon City Hall, led by Park Hyeon, Kim Byeong-hyo and Yu Je-hyeon participated in the scoring, putting a head-on counter to the opponent’s offensive. In defense, he played a man-to-man defense and pushed through physical strength. The problem was that I was shaken by the experience of Samsung Electronics’ SSIT TSB, which had been working together for over 10 years. On the contrary, Kim Tae-woo and Kim Jae-woong did not score the expected points, so they had a hard time chasing.

It was the same in the second half. In Samsung Electronics’ SSIT TSB, Kim Jong-kyung and Ahn Kwang-mo actively used the mid-range area, and Cho Seok-yoon and Jang Seung-guk took turns giving strength to the brothers’ performances. In particular, Choi Yoon-dae and Park Hyeong-gwan, both in their 50s, scored goals and parried opponents’ shots.

In Bucheon City Hall, Yang Woo-il made a successful 3-point shot, and Kim Byung-hyo, Yoo Je-yeon, and Koo Bo-young crossed the inside and outside to score. Park Hyeon tried to help Kim Jae-woong defend the bottom of the goal with all his might and inspire fighting spirit in his teammates. Kim Tae-woo and Cho Seung-wan also actively participated in the rebound fight, trying to lighten the burden on the shoulders of Kim Jae-woong and Park Hyun.

Entering the 4th quarter, Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB seized the victory. Park Hyung-gwan committed his 5th foul in the middle of the 4th quarter and left the court, but Ahn Kwang-mo, Kim Jong-kyung and Choi Yoon-dae came forward to fill the void. Jang Seung-guk focused on running the game in response to the dedication of seniors who did not shy away, and Park Sang-woo firmly protected the bottom of the goal and supported him.

Instead of giving Park Hyeon a break, Bucheon City Hall put Kim Jae-woong, Kim Tae-woo, Yang Woo-il, Jo Seung-wan, Kim Byeong-hyo, and Yoo Je-yeon in turn, squeezing out the remaining strength and pushing them into a physical battle. His eldest brother, Bo-Young Ku, along with Jae-Woong Kim, firmly guarded the bottom of the goal. However, it was not possible to narrow the score gap because it was rarely scored. SSIT TSB of Samsung Electronics virtually confirmed the victory with Park Sang-woo from the bottom of the net and Ahn Kwang-mo and Kim Jong-kyung from the mid-range.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB Ahn Kwang-mo, who recorded 16 points and 6 rebounds and played a big role at every critical moment, was selected as the EVISU SPORTS ( MATCH MVP for this match. He said, “It was a really difficult situation, with 7 injured out of 10 who registered in advance. However, since the size of the club is large, there was an advantage in that the player base was thick overall. I asked for help from his older brothers, and this year we worked together for the first time, and since everyone has experience, it seems that we got along well as time went on.”

Expertise and ambition collided. Bucheon City Hall tried to drag it into a physical match by spreading man-to-man defense from the beginning with its spirit. Still, he overcame it wonderfully. In response, “First of all, I am a timid type, so when I start, I get very nervous. So, while I was on the bench and grasping the flow of the game, it led to good results. And today, as veteran players became the main players, I was worried about the physical part, but in the process of Kim Myung-jun solving one by one from the bottom of the goal, morale rose and the gap widened.”

It was literally. It was Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB, which overcame adversity with its superiority under the goal. He said, “(Kim) Myung-jun and (Park) Sang-woo are both reliable players. In club basketball, the existence of a strong center is very large. Although (Kim) Myung-Jun injured his back after the first quarter and couldn’t play the rest of the quarter, (Park) Sang-Woo did well, (Kim) Jong-Gyeong, (Park) Hyung-Kwan, (Choi) Yoon-Dae (Park) I think I was able to take the upper hand by actively fighting next to Sang-woo. Thanks to them, the defense was driven under the goal, and I had a lot of shot chances. It really helped a lot,” he raised his thumb.

On this day, the seniors directly stepped forward to save the juniors who were in adversity due to the number of injured people. He said, “Before today’s game, (Kim) Jong-kyung and I were the eldest brothers in the role of leading the juniors, so as his older brother, the burden was heavy. Today, thanks to seniors like (Choi) Yoon-dae hyung and (Park) Hyeong-gwan hyung on the court, I was able to play the game with a more comfortable mind than before, and I think I was able to achieve good results.” Including me, all the players in today’s game seemed to be playing their own basketball, so it was really nice to see,” he expressed his gratitude to the seniors.

In particular, it is Ahn Kwang-mo who often celebrates with open arms when he makes a successful shot and when his teammates score. In response, he said, “Because I’m so nervous, I try to relieve myself a little, and when I’m short of breath, I take a deep breath to calm myself down and keep my composure.” However, when faced with a difficult situation during the game, it is my role in the team that I have to appear comfortable first, and to give comfort, shout, and boost morale. As a result, it seems to come out naturally, and I want to do more.”

It was Samsung Electronics’ SSIT TSB that finished all of the preliminary schedule with the last match of the day. The motto was ‘Let’s not get hurt’, but it would be regrettable that they couldn’t show the performance they wanted to realize because of the number of injured people. He said, “I don’t really have anything to say about the parts that didn’t go well other than the injury. It’s just about matching your feet when defending,” he said. “In fact, I don’t have good fingers, but in the case of other colleagues, it’s so bad that it interferes with their daily lives, so I can’t speak. In today’s game, (Kim) Myung-jun injured his back, and (Han) Seon-beom, (Lee) Min-cheol, and (Jeong) Jin-hyeok were unable to predict when they would be able to return,” he said about the current team situation.

He said, “I have been working together with the players I am playing with now for over 10 years. Since we’ve been together for a long time, I think that if we train hard like we do now and develop our stamina, we can achieve our style. I will play the rest of the game with the seniors I was with today, but I have a period of time to match, so I don’t worry too much about performance. But, don’t get hurt, and I hope we can all sit on the bench and have fun.”

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