Reduce nausea and eliminate dissatisfaction… head to head command tower KOVO

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) and the men’s and women’s club commanders had a meeting to share their opinions about the controversy over the decision that occurred consecutively in the V-League.

KOVO held a meeting for the smooth operation of the V-League at the Ramada Plaza Suwon Hotel in Suwon on the 18th.

At this meeting attended by the head of the KOVO game operation headquarters, V-League housekeepers, and male and female team coaches, ▲the results of emergency measures related to video reading were shared and guidelines for video reading were explained ▲mutual opinions were exchanged regarding the V-League.

In the V-League, there are many controversies related to video reading only this season. Following the misreading of net touch video readings at the KB Insurance-Korea Electric Power Exhibition last month, wrong screens were also transmitted at the video readings at the KGC Ginseng Corporation-Korea Expressway Corporation.

In addition, in the confrontation between Korean Air and Hyundai Capital on the 7th, there was a skit in which the results were hastily announced after seeing only one screen to see whether they were hit or not, and then reversed it.

Accordingly, on the 9th, KOVO held an emergency countermeasure meeting regarding misreading and rereading of the video this season, and immediately after the announcement of the video reading result, if the game and referee found a clear error, it was immediately provided so that it could be corrected through the screen-limited reconfirmation procedure. set the guide.슬롯사이트

As distrust between the command tower and the referees grew due to repeated disputes over judgment, KOVO started to evolve through meetings.

At this meeting, the KOVO Game Operations Headquarters and the referees apologized to the clubs for the controversy over the decision and promised to apply consistent rules and judge.

In addition, it was emphasized again to observe referee guidelines that refrain from active intervention by referees in the game.

The head coaches of the men’s and women’s divisions also acknowledged the hard work of the referees and agreed that they would contribute to the smooth operation of the game by reducing excessive protests and distrust.

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