Re-Opening Weekend

If there’s one thing I like more than an Opening Weekend is a Re-Opening Weekend. It’s like deja vu all over again. That’s how it’s feeling around here this morning. After opening last weekend we shut things down the past week and now we’re open again, this time for good, well . . . at least until April.

Let’s start with the similarities to last weekend, the heart of deja vu. We’ll have two lifts and two trails for the weekend슬롯사이트, people will ski and ride at Bolton, and we’ll have a terrain park feature set up on Mighty Mite in what we are calling the “Mini Mite Terrain Park”.

Now, let’s get to what’s different about today when compared to last week’s opening day.

1) We’ll have night skiing today until 8pm.
2) It’s cold and looking like it will stay that way for a few days.
3) See number 2 above. This means our snowmakers will have several days in a row where they can blow snow all night AND all day.
4) We plan to have skiing from the top of the mountain within a couple days.
5) It’s snowing.
6) There is another feature in the Mini Mite Terrain Park called a “Tube”. We’ll have photographic evidence of this on the website later this afternoon. Until then you’ll have to use your imagination. I hear it’s red and yellow.
7) We have a new website with a so you can check in on Bolton Valley from the comfort of your desk chair.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention some other key differences but this will have to do for now. As I mentioned, it’s snowing out and my tolerance for “inside work” is short today.

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