“Quarterfinals, until the finals”…’Taegeukmark’ Tommy Edman enters the country to join the national team

Tommy Hyeonsu Edman of St. Louis, the first Korean major leaguer to wear the Taegeuk mark, came to Korea, his mother’s country, to join the WBC team.

Edmund made it clear that he wants to help his national team go to Miami, where the semifinals and finals will be held.

Reporter Kim Sang-ik reports.

Edmon responds with a bright smile to the strong welcome.

Edmund, who is visiting his mother’s country for the first time, is still learning Korean, although he is not fluent yet.

[Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon / WBC Korea Representative: Hello. Many thanks, I’m Tommy. I learned to say names, and there are a few more온라인카지노. Oh, there is also a home run.]

He said he was excited to wear the Taegeuk mark and was surprised by the many reporters and welcome crowds that had gathered early.

[Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon / WBC Korea representative: I am very happy to join the national team for the first time as a non-Korean player, and I will do my best to help the national team achieve many victories.] Working with Kim Ha-seong, who is the same age in karate and defense, is a new challenge

. This is what you expect from.

[Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon / WBC Korea Representative: I’m really looking forward to playing with Kim Ha-seong. I’ve seen him play in San Diego for years and he’s a great player. We will do well by learning a lot and helping each other.]

Edman, who has heard a lot about the rivalry between Korea and Japan and said he personally confirmed it in past WBC fights, aims to make it to the Florida Championship round.

[Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon / WBC Korean representative: Hello Korean fans. I am very excited to represent Korea in this competition. I will show you my play so that I can be a proud player, and I will make sure to go to the semi-finals and finals in Miami.] There is only about a week

left until the first match against Australia.

Edman greets his national team for the first time at the Gocheok Dome on the afternoon of the 2nd, and starts finishing training to match breathing.

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