Public sentiment is important, but we should have calmly acknowledged Japan

The ‘Tokyo Disaster’ happened. The Korean baseball team, which participated in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), lost consecutively to Australia and 스포츠토토 Japan, and is virtually frustrated in advancing to the quarterfinals. There is still a glimmer of hope, but I wonder if it will mean anything if we reach the quarterfinals and if we can beat the Netherlands or Cuba.

4-13 loss to Japan. It was humiliating. But more embarrassing was the 7-8 loss to Australia the day before. It is safe to say that, in fact, a crushing defeat in Japan was predicted as it collapsed against Australia, which was expected to win. He had already lost the atmosphere battle.

The difference in power was also large. Japanese players were solid. Compared to Japanese players, Korean players were at an amateur level. If so, you had to strategize soberly. It is also connected to the failure of the plan for the competition.

The bottom line is that I cared too much about Japan. Japan is the best rival in all fields apart from baseball. Don’t they say we have to win against Japan over rock, paper, scissors? Coach Lee Kang-cheol fully understands that the second match against Japan was not easy.

However, when I saw Korea’s strength and the situation of other teams, I had to acknowledge Japan. Even if they lost to Japan, they should have taken Australia in their first game and calmly pursued the second place in the group. However, looking at Lee’s pitching management, it seems that Lee took Australia too lightly and calculated that he would catch Japan as well. Everything is explained by saving ace Kim Gwang-hyun for the game against Japan. Even in the bullpen operation against Australia, the tee was conscious of the match against Japan.

Of course, even if Kim Kwang-hyun started the game against Australia, he could have lost. In addition, it was difficult for him to think about the public sentiment and what kind of criticism he would hear after running the match against Japan as a virtually throwaway game. Still, sports speak for themselves. First of all, I had to focus on getting to the quarterfinals. Rather than a crushing defeat against Japan, the shock defeat against Australia seems to remain a regret. Again, with the defeat against Australia, the outcome of the match against Japan was virtually fixed.

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