“Psychologically, when I couldn’t go out…” KIA’s 26-year-old outfielder confesses to being chased, seen, and tired

“Psychologically, when you can’t go out…”

KIA manager Kim Jong-kook announced that he would change the way he uses Choi Won-jun (26) after the three-game midweek series against KT. He felt that Choi had been playing first base, an unfamiliar position for a team with a crowded outfield, and that he was getting frustrated with his frequent errors.

Choi Won-jun should play first base if he wants to be consistent. But Kim couldn’t stand to see Choi struggle to hit and feel overwhelmed on defense. He made a drastic change. He sent him to the outfield. He’ll play first base occasionally. Just enough for a late-game position move. Most likely, he’ll only start in left field or center field.

However, he is unlikely to start every game. This is because Lee Woo-sung has been a hit this season. Socrates Brito, Na Sung-beom, and designated hitter Choi Hyung-woo are also locked in. Therefore, Choi Won-jun is likely to be used as a platoon player with Lee Woo-sung from now on. Hanwha sent up left-hander Ricardo Sanchez against the Gwangju Kia on the 25th, and Won-jun Choi got the start against the Gwangju Kia on the 26th against right-hander Felix Peña.

Won-jun Choi had been batting just .250 before this day, but he made a breakthrough by opening up his stance a bit more. He was diagnosed as having been leaning too far toward the batter’s box, and it paid off, as he went 3-for-3 with a game-winning home run.

Choi spoke candidly after the game. “I honestly had a hard time mentally when I was out of the game, and so did my defense. After being discharged from the army, I had to play first base again in a hurry. The coaches told me, ‘Take it easy, you’re not a first baseman,’ but it became a burden when the team lost. The more I did, the more I was chased.”

Choi Won-jun bounced around from position to position early in his career, but now he’s at home in the outfield. On this day, he missed a couple of balls over his head, but the bench and he strategically stepped forward to keep a run off the board. It was hard to call it an error.메이저사이트

Now, Choi Won-jun is starting over. He still has plenty of time to contribute to the team. “Yesterday and today, I tried to play confidently. I trusted my coach and teammates. I was able to bat comfortably because I was not doing well. I want to contribute to the team’s fight for fifth place.”

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