‘Proposal for a son’ Director Simeone, why strongly want Lee Kang-in?…”The perfect partner for Griezmann”

The reason coach Diego Simeone strongly wanted to bring Lee Kang-in to Atlético Madrid was that the role he would play perfectly was already decided.

Lee Kang-in, who has grown into a top-notch playmaker in Ragi this season thanks to his tremendous performance in Mallorca, is ahead of a busy summer, receiving attention from many clubs, even before the summer transfer market opens.스포츠토토

Major European clubs that want to strengthen midfield and offense have put Lee Kang-in’s name on their recruiting targets, and Atletico, Tottenham, Newcastle, Wolverhampton, Aston Villa, Napoli, and Real Sociedad are known to be reviewing the possibility of signing Lee Kang-in.

In particular, Atletico’s move is the most active. Atletico, who offered Mallorca 10 million euros (approximately 14 billion won) to recruit Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter, is expected to maintain interest in Lee Kang-in this summer.

It has already been reported that Atletico has already offered 15 million euros (approximately 21 billion won) and a lease of a prospect for the signing of Lee Kang-in.

In the midst of this, the reason why coach Simeone wants to recruit Lee Kang-in to the team, even using his son as a negotiation card, was revealed through Spanish media reports.

Spanish media Eldesmarque reported on the news of Lee Kang-in’s transfer on the 3rd (Korean time), “Atletico prepared a card for Lee Kang-in’s recruitment.”

Eldesmarque said, “Atletico is only thinking of reinforcements for the next season to restore the club’s ideals. Coach Simeone is making it clear that Lee Kang-in is one of the players who can play for Atletico.” He said that he was active in recruiting Lee Kang-in for reinforcement.

“If Yannick Carrasco and Thomas Lemar leave after the season, Lee Kang-in will take the place. He is considered to be the perfect new partner for Antoine Griezmann, so the claim for his contract will grow with each passing day,” he said at Atlético. He explained that because he considers Lee Kang-in as a good partner for Griezmann, the desire to recruit him is increasing.

In fact, Lee Kang-in showed off his outstanding skills by playing in all areas of the attack this season. He stood out as a winger and attacking midfielder, where Lemar and Carrasco played, but showed stable performance even in a two-top game with Bedat Muriki.

In addition, Atletico considered Lee Kang-in as an alternative in case of failure to recruit Memphis Depay during the transfer market last winter. Considering this, it is highly likely that Lee Kang-in will be appointed as a front-line partner for Griezmann along with a side winger.

Meanwhile, Atlético’s signing of Lee Kang-in is expected to proceed more quickly, with Mallorca showing interest in the loan of a prospect offered by Atlético.

According to local media reports in Spain, Mallorca is known to be interested in Samuel Linu, Rodrigo Riquelme, and Giuliano Simeone, who have been proposed as exchange partners for Lee Kang-in.

It is noteworthy whether Atletico, which has shown steady affection for Lee Kang-in, will be able to win Lee Kang-in over many competing teams this summer, even deciding on the position and role to utilize Lee Kang-in.

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