Park Yong-taek “Korean baseball? Rather an opportunity, a sad reality of independent baseball”

Rather, now may be an opportunity,”

commentator Park Yong-taek conveyed his sincere heart toward Korean baseball.

Previously, Commissioner Park, along with Park Chan-ho, commented on the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). 

At the time, when the Korean national먹튀검증 team was confirmed to be eliminated in the first round, he said, “I don’t want to disparage the effort, but everyone confirmed the reality. We need a lot of effort in the future.” did.

Commissioner Park Yong-taek, who met with MHN Sports on the afternoon of the 21st, said, “I am very sorry that Korean baseball did not produce good results (at the WBC). However, it can be a good opportunity.” , If we put our heads together and think about it, Korean baseball will be able to develop.”

Korean baseball is currently in need of a breakthrough. From problem analysis to practical use, many changes are required.

Currently, starting with the reintroduction of aluminum bats in high school baseball, as with the soccer team, various opinions are emerging, such as regular national evaluation matches and convocation of the national team. 

Commissioner Park left advice, saying, “If what is visible and what needs to be changed is publicized and supplemented, good changes will come to Korean baseball.”

The reality of independent baseball seen by Park Yong-

taek Commissioner Park Yong-taek also said about Korean independent baseball, “Players who have not been nominated as a pro and players who have already tasted failure gather in independent baseball. is showing,” he explained.

The situation of independent baseball in Korea is very poor. Unlike the pros, the club is run by player dues. As a result, players are struggling to make ends meet, such as baseball and part-time jobs.

In addition, the current independent baseball is the ‘Independent Baseball Team Gyeonggi-do League’ operated by the Gyeonggi-do Baseball Association, and there are no local teams.

Commissioner Park said, “It is a regrettable reality that cost parts such as membership fees come out of the player’s pocket. It is very unfortunate for the players who are wandering between their current life and their personal dreams.” I will become a senior who can help the listeners.”

Accordingly, Gyeonggi-do decided to help the players by establishing a new player participation allowance of 80,000 won per game, supporting training support allowance, victory allowance, and manager/coach allowance for independent baseball teams starting this year. 

In addition, we are seeking various policies for players, such as promoting exchanges between the domestic Futures team and the Japanese independent baseball team.

Lastly, Commissioner Park said, “If independent baseball receives a lot of love, it can develop sufficiently. I look forward to meeting many players from independent baseball in the future.

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