NYY is in last place in 33 years, what is the responsibility of the 461.3 billion home run king? First live BP after injury

 Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees conducted live betting for the first time after his injury.

Judge faced 16 balls in a simulation game thrown by Jonathan Roaiciga, who is recovering from an elbow injury, ahead of the game against the Kansas City Royals at Yankee Stadium on the 24th (Korean time). According to the AP, Judge recorded four fouls, none of which went into fair territory. One of them landed in the stands behind home plate.아톰카지노

It can be said that it was a batting training that tested what the pitcher’s ‘feeling’ of seeing the ball was like without hitting it in real life.

Aaron Boone, Yankees manager, said, “Taking a ball you can’t swing is a test to get back on track,” and said, “It was a satisfactory training overall.”

However, there is still no definitive answer as to when Judge will return.

“I think it was a pretty good hit considering how long he’s been pitching in a situation like today,” said Roaisiga, who threw the ball to Judge. It was said that Judge’s batting went smoothly.

Judge’s next training session has not yet been set. It’s a matter for Judge to decide. Because only you know how much he has recovered since his injury and how his body is reacting. Manager Boone said Judge didn’t have to go through minor league games.

But Judge’s recovery has been accelerating since the All-Star break. During the trip to Anaheim and Colorado last week, he started batting training, such as standing at bat in Nestor Cortes’ simulation game, while running and defending fly balls in the outfield.

The Yankees hope that Judge will return as soon as possible. After Judge injured his toe against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 4th of last month and was placed on the injured list, the Yankees continued their downward trend with 18-22.

The Yankees, who defeated Kansas City 8-5 that day and swept three consecutive games, secured six games with a win rate of 50% with a 53-47 record, but are still tied for last place with the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. In the wild card rankings, they are tied for fourth place, two games behind the third-place Toronto Blue Jays.

Entering the second half, the Yankees batting line is not improving. The team batting average of 9 games in the second half was 0.227 (67 hits in 295 bats), 20th out of 30 teams, the team OPS was 0.692, also 20th, and the team home runs were tied for 15th with 12. Judge should come back a day soon.

Judge signed a 9-year, $360 million (approximately 461.3 billion won) free agent contract last winter and chose to stay with the Yankees. Immediately after his contract, he was appointed as the official captain 9 years after Derek Jeter. He gave up participating in the WBC and devoted himself to preparing for the season. However, he was unable to avoid injury. He suffered a hip injury due to a sliding mistake against the Minnesota Twins in late April, followed by a ligament injury in the big toe of his right foot in early June, and has been disappointing since the first season of his contract.

The last season the Yankees did not make the playoffs was in 2016. It is difficult to deny the claim that if the fall baseball fails after 7 years, part of the responsibility lies with the judge. Moreover, if it falls to the bottom of the earth 33 years after 1990, the responsibility can be greater.

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