“Now pay to get lessons” 7 consecutive KS masters → commentator, delightful meeting with old students

 He put down the baton and became a commentator, but his friendship with his former students remained the same. Former Doosan coach Kim Tae-hyung visited Doosan home games as a commentator and had a pleasant conversation with his old students. 

The 4th game 메이저사이트of the season between Doosan and KIA in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 12th. Ahead of the game, a middle-aged man with a familiar appearance at the Doosan first base dugout was closely watching the Doosan pre-training with coach Lee Seung-yeop. It was former coach Kim Tae-hyeong, who served as a commentator for SBS Sports from this year. 

Commissioner Kim is the person who opened the era of the Doosan Dynasty. From his first year as coach (2015) to 2021, he made a new history by advancing to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years. I did it.

Commissioner Kim’s total leadership record was 1152 matches, 647 wins, 486 losses, 19 draws, and a win rate of .571. He is ranked ninth with the most wins following Kim Gyeong-moon (896 wins), Kim Young-deok (707 wins), and Ryu Joong-il (691 wins). Commissioner Kim, who finished ninth last year, failed to renew the contract and turned into a commentator. 

The disciples who were on the same boat until last year were training on the ground. Of course, there was no sense of distance or awkwardness at all. He greeted the players in training, and was also caught having an in-depth conversation with his successor, coach Lee Seung-yeop, regarding Doosan’s electric power. He gave a joking advice to a passing player and had a characteristic cheerful laugh.

After training, there was also a player who spoke to Commissioner Kim first. The conversation with Yang Seok-hwan was the most pleasant. When Yang Seok-hwan asked Commissioner Kim, “Please give me a one-point lesson,” Commissioner Kim laughed, “What is a lesson?” Then, Yang Seok-hwan replied, “Can’t you just do it through school ties?”, making dugout a sea of ​​laughter. Commissioner Kim and Seok-Hwan Yang are between Shinil Middle School and Shinil High School. 

Soon after, captain Heo Gyeong-min appeared. As soon as Heo Gyeong-min saw Commissioner Kim, he asked with a serious expression, “Shall we prepare for a blow right away?” He added, “I have to do an interview with the coach and the excellent player.” In response, Commissioner Kim said, “When I was supervising, (Heo) Kyung-min never joked like that. I feel like I can afford it now. In the past, they said they couldn’t get out of the entry if they joked in front of me.” 

The match was won by Doosan 6-1. Heo Kyung-min started as a third baseman and contributed to the victory with 1 hit, 1 walk, and 2 points in 3 at-bats, and after the game, he had an interview with SBS Sports as a distinguished player. The interview with the former teacher who turned into a commentator was finally concluded. Heo Gyeong-min, who fulfilled his wish, said, “I finally had an interview with the director. In today’s game, I’m satisfied with the fact that I went out and scored. It feels so good to win,” he laughed like a child. 

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