Naksaenggo, who is determined, “says he wants to make a hit by working hard”

“I am making a decision. Everyone says they want to work hard and hit once.”

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of their season, but amateur players, who can be said to be the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching for a new season.

The same goes for Nakseong High School, which had a disappointing year last year. I’ve been to the semifinals often in recent years, but last year I only made it to the quarterfinals. That’s why I’m making a bigger resolution.

Naksaeng High School coach Park 메이저사이트Kyu-hoon said in a telephone interview with this magazine, “Last year, my friends who were going up to the third grade couldn’t participate in winter training because of injuries. So unfortunately I sent it. It seems to have been the most unfortunate year in recent years,” he recalled last year.

He continued, “There are currently injured players, but we are spending more well than last year. He is improving his physical condition by attending race stove leagues and training camps. Until the autumn, they mainly play in the third grade. For now, we are putting our hands and feet together. This time I’m going to put more pressure on it. After that, we plan to score easily with a quick break,” he shared the team color.

When asked about the team’s completeness, he said, “There is still time left, but to evaluate it, it is about 70%. There is a lack of sophisticated defense in the front and back lines. And the game experience is also lacking. Now, high school 3 kids didn’t have many competitions in the past because of Corona. So, the coordination of the game and the contents of the game must be further refined through practice games.”

Naksaenggo has 15 players. There are 5 3rd graders, 4 2nd graders, and 6 1st graders. With 15 players, the number of players is sufficient, and the balance is well matched by grade level.

When coach Park was asked about the team’s key player, he said, “Everyone is working hard, but it’s Hong Chan-woo, the captain. He is 195 cm tall. He is quick and agile for his large stature. He has good physicality, so his fast-breaking ability is excellent. He has a variety of roles on the team.”

Continued “There are still shortcomings in shooting and defense. His precision and sense of stability are a little off. The most disappointing thing is the lack of practical experience. It is because there was no competition when he was in the third year of middle school. He is still a player who is expected and will do well enough,” he added.

Afterward, when asked about the freshmen, he said, “I selected them based on their future. So it’s hard to just be important. He left an evaluation saying, “I think it can be important in the second half or mid-season as time passes.”

Lastly, when asked about Naksaenggo’s goal, he said, “I want to aim for the semifinals while going to the quarterfinals this year. Grades are important, and I want students to enjoy basketball in a fun and lively way. Then good grades will follow.”

Also, “The players are also making a resolution. Everyone says they want to work hard and hit once. It’s my opinion, but it motivates the players. (Laughter) We have one month left before the start, but I want to finish the winter training without injury and have a good season.”

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