‘Miracle of 0%’ Road Construction ‥ ‘Best Masterpiece of All Time’

Highway Corporation, which finished third in the regular league, broke through the ‘0% chance’ and became the women’s professional volleyball champion.

A breathtaking match lasting 2 hours and 38 minutes.

It was a great match that kept the players and the spectators sweating until the end.

Heungkuk Life Insurance stepped on the high with a 100% chance of winning by sweeping the 1st and 2nd games.

For the first time in history, the road construction challenged the 0% chance of winning by holding all 3 and 4 games.스포츠토토

The final confrontation in Game 5 was an all-time great match.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the suffocating war-like match for a moment.

In particular, the back of the road construction was great.

In the 3rd set, which was pushed to 19-23, the game was overturned with 6 points in a row like a lie, and in the 4th set, it overcame a rally of more than 1 minute.

After nearly 20 rallies, Park Jung-ah sat down on the court.

In the fateful 5th set, the coach’s judgment also shone.

The in-out reading seemed to tie the score at 13-13, but the decision was overturned at the request of the coach who picked up the touchout, and the score was 14-12.

[Kim Jong-min/Director of Road Construction]
“When I said, ‘Will it be a record?’, ‘Will it remain a memory?’… To be honest, I was also burdened, but I am really grateful to our players for making it a record and a memory.”

Possible postseason pull-up in 3rd place, expected to be in the lower ranks.

However, the challenger’s mind eased the burden.

[Park Jung-ah/Highway Corporation]
“We also practice probabilistically when playing volleyball, but there are many times when it is not. .”

Fans were thrilled too.

[Choi Ji-in/Expressway Corporation fan]
“Even though it was a physically tough schedule, I could see the players trying to work hard, so I think I tried to cheer them on.”

The after-win party was also indispensable.

[Kim Jong-min/Director of Highway Corporation]
“Thank you so much for making a miracle, and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever played a game like this…(Our players) the best, the best!”

[Bae Yoo-na/Highway Corporation]
“I think the result of winning the championship was because all the players were of one heart and mind, and even the players outside gave us strength. Thank you all and I love you guys!”

The longest postseason and the highest viewer ratings in professional volleyball history.

This season’s V-League ended just like that.

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