Mahomes heading to the GOAT, winning the second Super Bowl… up to the first NFL record

Finally, the era of Patrick Mahomes (28) has opened. He lifted Vince Lombardi twice in his fifth full-time season. 

American Conference champion Kansas City Chiefs held the 57th National Football League (NFL) against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Arizona, USA on the 13th (Korean time). He won the Super Bowl (finals) by winning 38-35. Quarterback Mahomes won a decision victory over opposing quarterback Jaylen Hertz. Mahomes gave a touchdown first and managed the game calmly even in a situation where he allowed a turnaround. 

Kansas City won the third Super Bowl in its career after 4 Super Bowls in 1969 and 54 Super Bowls in 2019. In the last 4 years, they have advanced to the Super Bowl three times and won it twice, opening an era of dynasty. Mahomes was present in all these moments. He is also the MVP of the regular season this season. Mahomes is the first regular season MVP since 1999 to lift the Super Bowl trophy. 

Tom Brady, one of the greatest NFL players of all time, recently announced his retirement. He has won seven Super Bowls. The NFL’s most championship teams (New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers) are six. Brady was rated as a greater player than the team. He is the first player to inscribe the modifier G O A T (The Greatest Of All Time) in front of his name. 

Mahomes is expected to be Brady’s successor. In the second season (2019) after being the starting quarterback, he led Kansas City to the Super Bowl victory. In the 55th Super Bowl held in 2021, Brady, who led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, had a ‘match of the century’. 

Mahomes made 21 of 27 passes in the Super Bowl against Philadelphia that day (13th). 3 touchdown passes. Progressed 182 yards. Interception was never allowed. In the 4th quarter, when the score was 35-35, with 2 minutes and 55 seconds remaining, he penetrated the gap in the opponent’s defense line and ran for almost 30 yards to fill 슬롯사이트the first down. Thanks to this super play, Kansas City was able to advance 20 yards before the touchdown on the last attack, and with 10 seconds left, kicker Harrison Butcker scored a field goal (3 points) to decide the game.

The Super Bowl MVP was, of course, Mahomes’s. He won his second personal Super Bowl MVP following the 54th tournament in 2019, when he won the championship by defeating the San Francisco 49ers. During his debut 6 seasons, he was named the first player ever to win the regular league and Super Bowl MVP twice. 

Mahomes suffered a right ankle injury in the first quarter of the divisional round against the Jacksonville Jaguars on the 23rd of last month. However, he returned in the second half of the game and led the team to victory, and also played full-time in the Conference Championship against the Cincinnati Bengals, leading Kansas City to advance to the Super Bowl. In the process, he showed control of the game one step ahead of quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville) and Joe Burrow (Cincinnati), who are recognized as talented as ever.  

The whole of the United States is enthusiastic about Mahomes’ tremendous growth and phenomenal winning career compared to the years. He is recognized as the player who will inherit Brady’s crown. 

This year’s Super Bowl was the first black quarterback match in history to draw attention. If Mahomes is a “genius” quarterback with passing, rushing, and situational judgment skills, Hertz, who led Philadelphia, is a player who specializes in rushing play. A third-year player who was a backup until last year. 

In the quarterback match, Mahomes’ advantage was predicted. However, Hertz showed off his skills by scoring two rushing touchdowns himself and successfully passing ultra-long distances twice. Although he became a supporting actor, he directed an all-time great match together. The coronation of Mahomes and the presence of Hertz. The 57th Super Bowl also left a lot of stories. 

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