Maguire is not dead!… ‘Love call’ to 7 big league teams including ‘Italian 3 captains’

He is destined to be kicked out of Manchester United, but he is still very popular.

It has been claimed that Manchester United centre-back Harry Maguire is receiving love calls from several big league teams. According to Dean Jones, who reports on the transfer market for ‘Give Me Sports’, there are seven big teams that want Maguire.메이저사이트

First of all, it turned out that all the so-called ‘three captains’ in Italy wanted him. This means that Inter Milan, Juventus, and AC Milan are all positively viewing Maguire’s scout. Here, AS Roma, led by coach Jose Mourinho, was also revealed as a team sending a love call to Maguire.

In Italy, as former Manchester United centre-back Chris Smalling has been recognized as one of the best defenders in Serie A by AS Roma, there is a movement to bring back some defenders from the Premier League. Maguire was also born in May 1993 and has just turned 30, so he is expected to be active for several years.

In addition to this, Jones insists that Newcastle United, which needs reinforcements after 21 years in the UEFA Champions League finals next season, is also keeping an eye on Maguire.

Also, London-based West Ham United, which barely remained in the Premier League, and Sheffield United, which were promoted to the Premier League after finishing second in the championship (2nd division) this season, are also known to be targeting Maguire.

In addition to this, if his parent team Leicester City succeeds in remaining in the Premier League, the possibility of bringing Maguire back on loan is emerging.

Maguire captained Manchester United this season, but was thoroughly ignored by manager Eric Turnhagh due to his decline in form. He has made just 15 appearances out of 37 Premier League matches, including seven starts.

However, his position in the England national team was still strong, starting all 5 games of the Qatar World Cup last year and playing full-time in 4 games.

British media are reporting that Manchester United are looking to fill Maguire’s vacancy with Kim Min-jae.

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