Liverpool give up Bellingham, now turn into ‘World Cup Winner’


want to sign Alexis McAllister after giving up on signing Jude Bellingham.

Liverpool have problems in midfield this season. Joder Henderson and Fabinho are not showing their skills as much as before, and the problem of mobility has been pointed out steadily. Liverpool, who failed to accumulate points at the beginning of the season, are now in 8th place, well below last season.

Liverpool looked메이저사이트 to Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham to solve their midfield problems. However, not only Liverpool, but also Manchester City and Real Madrid have staked their lives on signing Bellingham. Among them, Liverpool approached Bellingham in particular to explain the club’s plans, and also appealed to his family in terms of life outside of football.

However, he decided to focus on his astronomical ransom and rebuilding other positions. Bellingham’s ransom is soaring to at least 150 million euros (approximately 215.9 billion won). In addition, the global media ‘’ said, “Liverpool had the first goal of recruiting Bellingham this summer, but now they have decided to accept the fact that it is impossible to recruit them.”

Accordingly, different targets were set. The main character is Brighton’s Alexis McAllister. Fabricio Romano, an expert on the European football transfer market working for the British media ‘Guardian’, expressed interest in Liverpool’s McAllister.

“Liverpool are looking at McAllister as a key midfielder after pulling out of the Bellingham bid this week. McAllister could be available early in the summer transfer window if conditions are met,” Romano said. .

He helped Argentina win the World Cup in Qatar. Mac Allister, who was in charge of one of the Argentine midfielders, played an active role as a main midfielder along with Enzo Fernandez and Rodrigo De Paul. In the end, McAllister had the best moment of his career with Argentina winning the World Cup.

He is also active as a key midfielder in his team, Brighton. McAllister has played 25 league games this season, scoring 8 goals and 1 assist, and is classified as a key force under manager Roberto De Gerbi. Attention is focusing on whether Liverpool, which withdrew from signing Bellingham, will succeed in strengthening the midfield by signing Mac Allister.

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