Lee Kang-in’s desired ‘new team’ came out… Director directly ‘recruitment request’

In the transfer market this summer, a ‘recruitment war’ is expected to unfold to embrace Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca). Previously, transfer rumors 스포츠토토 were raised mainly in England and Spain, but this time, Spain’s Real Sociedad was also reported to have decided to participate in the recruitment match for Lee Kang-in.

On the 13th (Korean time), Spain’s El Goldithal said, “In the transfer market last winter, Lee Kang-in received several offers, but it was rejected due to the Mallorca club’s opposition, but everything will change this summer.” It is certain that they will start recruiting. Coach Imanol Al Gwasil has already requested the club’s board of directors to recruit Lee Kang-in.”

The media analyzed that the background in which the Sociedad club and the head coach directly sent a love call to Lee Kang-in was because La Liga had already shown competitiveness on the stage and had great potential. Born in 2001, he is young and can play a variety of offensive positions, such as a slow striker or flanker, and is equipped with a decisive pass or direct shooting.

The media said, “Coach Javier Aguirre made Mallorca a competitive team in La Liga, and helped many players stand out.” “One of the most prominent players is Lee Kang-in. There is no doubt that he is a special talent. In a word, he is a very complete player. This is why Sociedad decided to recruit Lee Kang-in.”

Sociedad also promoted the recruitment of Lee Kang-in in 2021 when he belonged to Valencia, but the recruitment was canceled at that time. Afterwards, when Lee Kang-in moved his enemy to Mallorca and showed his competitiveness, this time even the manager stepped forward and strongly requested Lee Kang-in to be recruited.

Sociedad is a team in the 4th place in the Spanish Primera Liga this season with 13 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses (44 points). It has been shaking sharply since last month, but at one point this season, it threatened the second round of Barcelona and Real Madrid, such as running 5 consecutive wins twice. It is also the team where David Silva (37), known as Lee Kang-in’s idol, and ‘best friend’ Takefusa Kubo (21) belong.

However, if Sociedad wants to recruit Lee Kang-in, it must win the ‘recruitment war’. This is because EPL clubs already want to recruit Lee Kang-in, and in Spain, Atletico (AT) Madrid, a prestigious team, has already jumped into the race to recruit Lee Kang-in. It means that the current value of Lee Kang-in is soaring.

The media said, “It may not be easy to recruit Lee Kang-in from Sociedad. It is because the ransom is estimated at 20 million euros (approximately 28 billion won), and there are already other ‘big clubs’ that want to sign Lee Kang-in.” It is known that Lee Kang-in also wants to transfer to AT Madrid more, so the process of recruiting Lee Kang-in from Sociedad has become somewhat complicated.”

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