‘Leaving Suwon’ Noh Dong-gun “Suwon Derby? I just want to show my skills accurately”

 Veteran goalkeeper Roh Dong-geon (31) takes off his Suwon Samsung uniform and plays in Suwon FC uniform. He said he wanted to show his skills accurately and made his extraordinary determination.

Suwon FC attended the 5th media camp of the K-League winter field training held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island at 10:00 am on the 7th. Noh Dong-geon, who took on a new challenge in search of an opportunity to participate, also met with reporters and talked.

Noh Dong-geon moved to local rival Suwon FC in search of an opportunity to play, but he said, “I don’t feel much pressure.” He said, “Suwon Samsung did not choose me anymore, and Suwon FC chose me.” I want to repay manager Kim Do-gyun and Suwon FC for giving me trust.”

Continuing, Noh Dong-gun said, “I’m always on the same team, so the Suwon Samsung players have never met me. I just want to show my former teammates exactly what I have. I just want to,” he added.

Through this transfer, Noh Dong-geon has completely moved the team for the first time since his debut at Suwon Samsung in 2014. In the meantime, it was all about leaving for a season in Pohang in 2017. He had no choice but to take on a new challenge when he became a free agent after only appearing in two games last season.

Fans also warmly greeted him 카지노사이트for his long dedication to the team. Some fans even sent messages of support to his wife on behalf of Noh Dong-gun, who does not use social media separately. He said, “I heard that the fans came to my wife’s Instagram and cheered me on a lot. I thought that some people would be a little jealous because I am a local rival, but all of them said good things. The pressure to do better for the fans is There is a little,” he said.

Suwon FC strengthened its squad ahead of the new season. They traded Yun Bit-garam and recruited experienced players such as Lee Jae-seong, Kim Hyun-hoon, and Lee Kwang-hyuk through free contracts. Regarding the evaluation that the squad has become stronger, Noh Dong-gun said, “I am also a new member. I have to come and become a helpful player so that I can be evaluated as ‘the squad is good’. If I can’t do it, I can hear ‘It’s not as good as I thought’.” I am not in a position to evaluate that the team has improved, but I am in a position to be evaluated.”

Noh Dong-gun reunited with Shinsegae, who he had been with during his Suwon Samsung days. He said, “Before the transfer, I didn’t contact you because it was not a clear story. After the transfer, Gye-gye hyung joked with me a lot, so I quickly got used to it.”

Nodong-gun added that he is getting along well with the goalkeeper seniors. He said, “(Park) Bae Jong-hyung and (Lee) Bum-young hyung became very close. We are having healthy competition while talking about confusing parts during training. They help each other to do well. When I was at Suwon Samsung, I was a senior, but here After coming, I thought a lot, ‘There are good seniors.’”

As Suwon FC, whose defensive insecurity is always considered a weakness, Noh Dong-geon was determined. He said, “I heard that the team’s score is within three fingers, but the ranking is very disappointing. I also have a personal goal, ‘Shouldn’t I be in the top 3 teams with the least points?’” he said.

How about Suwon FC, which you experienced as an actual player? Noh Dong-gun said, “There are many better players from the inside. Looking from the outside last year, I felt that the performances were diverse and splendid in offense. There are also Lars, Murilo, Lee Seung-woo, Kim Hyun, and Lee Kwang-hyuk.” “I think it’s a team that can aim for not only the top split, but also the ACL ticket.”

For the first time in his life, No. 17 was worn by No. 17. He was determined to make a fresh start with a new number in a new team. He said, “Actually, I didn’t put much meaning into it,” but “I also thought about number 19, which I had previously put on. However, that number was a number that started meaningfully at Suwon Samsung. Let’s start with a feeling,’ so I chose a number I’d never done before.”

Lastly, Noh Dong-gun burned his will, saying, “I want to run as much as possible first.” He said, “I want to play a lot of games that I couldn’t play last year. Personally, I want to play up to 30 games, but that’s when I did well.” I want to try again the 0-point run rate that I showed in 2019. I want to make a team with the least runs.”

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