Leap to the championship.. The shoulder-heavy veteran played an active role

KIA Tigers spring camp news from Arizona, USA Today, for the second time, we hear the determination of veteran players who took the lead in rebuilding the famous family.

Na Seong-beom and Yang Hyeon-jong, who played a big role in pitching by recruiting the best free agents in the league last year, and center hitter Choi Hyung-woo and captain Kim Sun-bin, who are burning the last flame.

Reporter Kim Jae-hyun conveys the promise of veterans who are expected to make a big success while facing two goals this season: a leap forward to the championship and a new structure.

The most talked-about free agent in the league ahead of last season was Na Seong-beom’s joining the KIA.

With the addition of the best hitter in the league, which goes without saying, KIA was immediately classified as a top-ranked force and succeeded in advancing to fall baseball.

Season batting average of .320 with 21 home runs and 180 hits.

Fans cheered for his great performance, which did not even require a period of adaptation, but Na Seong-beom still has a bigger goal left.

▶ Sink: Na Seong-beom / KIA Tigers 안전놀이터outfielder
– “We only want to play fall baseball, and our players don’t prepare so hard. As a team, we are always looking forward to winning and preparing, and personally, of course, winning is our goal”

Last season after advancing to the US Ace Yang Hyeon-jong, who returned to his parents’ home, is also sweating toward a higher place.

From the 14th, I have to join the WBC national team training with Na Seong-beom and Lee Eui-ri, but
there is no setback in preparation for the season.

▶ Sink: Yang Hyeon-jong / KIA Tigers Pitcher
– “Since there is now a WBC competition during the demonstration game, it is not a big problem to raise the overall condition or things like this.

” The heavy responsibility of leading the new structure was also entrusted.

▶ Sink: Kim Sun-bin / KIA Tigers Captain
– “I’m always paying attention to trying to brighten up the atmosphere. And I want to create an atmosphere where young players and senior players can exercise without notice.”

KIA veterans aiming for a bigger challenge by silently fulfilling their assigned roles both inside and outside the training ground.

▶ Standing: Kim Jae -hyeon
– “At this spring camp, where expectations for generational change and new structure are higher than ever before, veteran players’ initiatives are leading the spirit of leap this season. This is KBC Kim Jae-hyun from Tucson, Arizona, USA.”

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