‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jung-young, to compete on the 5th of next month after signing a UFC contract

“I will finish the final with a first round finish as before.”

Daegu-born fighter Lee Jung-young (Daegu Strong Gym), who has only one step left before entering the UFC, the world’s best martial arts stage, expressed his determination to enter the Octagon with a hot victory.

Lee Jung-young will face Lee Ji-ja of China in the road to UFC featherweight (-66kg) final, which will be held on February 5 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas as ‘UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak Tournament Undercard’. 메이저사이트

Road to UFC is a tournament in which eight Asian top prospects from each of the four weight classes, flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight, compete for UFC contracts. The four winners of each weight class will sign a contract with the UFC and play in the UFC, the stage of their dreams.

Lee Jung-young, who took the challenge to enter the UFC this time as the strongest road FC featherweight champion in Korea, showed overwhelming performance and reached the final stage.

In the featherweight semifinals, Lee Jung-young knocked out China’s Lu Kai by TKO in 42 seconds of the first round. Prior to this, in the quarterfinals, he hit Xie Bin of China with an elbow, then used the opponent’s pounding to catch an armbar and won in 36 seconds of the first round. In this competition alone, he reached the final in 78 seconds (1 minute and 18 seconds).

Regarding the final opponent, Ija was evaluated as a fairly ‘sticky player’. Lee Jeong-young said, “Lee Ji-ja engages in wrestling and jiu-jitsu in close proximity and presses the opponent.” “He has the stamina to lead to the judgment, but he is smaller than me in terms of physique, and has his own distinct skills such as batting and grappling.” I don’t see any advantages. I’m definitely aiming for a 1st round finish against him.”

He also added, “In the previous matches, we analyzed the opponent a lot, so the match went as planned. It will be the same this time.”

Regarding his determination to compete in the finals, he said, “I will soon enter the UFC, the stage of dreams for fighters. I will show you the best game.”

Meanwhile, in the road to UFC flyweight final, two Korean fighters Choi Seung-guk (Seoul) and Park Hyeon-seong (Gyeonggi-do) face each other over the UFC contract rights.

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