Kim Ha-seong endlessly underrated… Second baseman not in the top 10, DRS OAA ML 1st, ‘Let’s hit better’

 It is endlessly underrated. In the recent position rankings released by Bleacher Report, Ha-seong Kim (Sandidego Padres) was not even in the top 10 second baseman.

Bleacher Report calculated and reported rankings by position on the 7th (hereafter Korean time). The National League and the American League were merged to select the top 10 in the major leagues. As a result, second baseman Luis Areez (Miami Marlins) is first. 2nd Ketel Marte (Arizona Diamondbacks), 3rd Marcus Semien (Texas Rangers), 4th Ozzy Albis (Atlanta Braves), 5th Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs), 6th Tairo Estrada (San Francisco Giants), 7th Wee Bryson Stott (Philadelphia Phillies), 8th Glaber Torres (New York Yankees), 9th Jonathan India (Cincinnati Reds), 10th Mauricio Dubon (Houston Astros).

Araez (0.383), a National League All-Star and the No. 1 batting average in the major leagues, must be acknowledged. Regardless of defense and running, he deserves to be recognized as the best second baseman this season with just one bat. It’s getting farther and farther away from the dream 40%, but 308p is also a very high batting average.

In the end, it should be seen as a line-up focused on hitting and popularity. Bleacher Report also explained top rankers’ OPS+, Luta, and WAR through memos. In fact, in the case of OPS, Kim Ha-seong is 0.760, which is 12th overall for second basemen in the ma

jor leagues. Based on the fan graph, the adjusted point production is 43, which is 10th overall, and the weighted on-base percentage is 0.335, which is 7th. Not top of the top, but not bad either.

Moreover, Ha-sung Kim’s defensive power was still overlooked. Based on fan graphs, Kim Ha-seong ranks 1st overall for second basemen in the major leagues with DRS 11 and OAA 10. Even if the two indicators cannot fully evaluate the defensive power, they are meaningful enough numbers and rankings. Andres Jimenez (8, Cleveland Guardians), second in DRS, is also not in the top 10 selected by Bleacher Report. The second place in the OAA is Semien and Horner, who are recording 8. They are ranked 3rd and 5th by Bleacher Report.아톰카지노

Just because Ha-sung Kim is not in the top 10 second basemen selected by Bleacher Report does not mean the sky is falling, nor does the good evaluation of Ha-sung Kim disappear. However, he comes to the conclusion that in order to be recognized more as Kim Ha-seong, he has no choice but to hit better.

Even now, the statistics show that Ha-sung Kim’s hitting is not at the level of falling at all. However, the solution is to raise awareness throughout the United States and to secure better contracts in the future. It is certain that the treatment will change the moment he gets better at batting.

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